Latest news – Reckless spending to continue — 12 Comments

  1. Yeah that last question might be answered sooner than you’d think.

    I LOVE the gif!!!!!

  2. I couldn’t believe it this morning when I saw that headline. After cuts to the poorest and most vulnerable sectors of society, they do this?

    What that news said to me was, that the government doesn’t care what we suffer or what we think—that they know we’ll sit back and do nothing while they rob the country (and us) blind. The insult, the arrogance, the greed of it, are astounding.

    You’re right…why AREN’T we pulling the place down on them?

  3. Maxi, Holemaster & Kate – Just let me know when to issue the rifles.

    Incidentally, I would love to credit that image, but I can’t remember where I robbed borrowed it.

    Susan – It is the total arrogance of the whole thing. They scream poverty and still spend millions needlessly.

  4. Unfortunately the 8m is likely to be borrowed from some other country and left to the next crowd to try and pay back. or more likely just pay the interest on it for the next 200 years

  5. What the fuck?

    What the fuck?

    I thought we had an agreement. You complain about life and shit, I rant and rave about the government. I thought we had agreed on this thing.

    But I go away for two days and when I get back, what do I see? Some other guy taking over my patch. This is not good. This is not good for business.

    Ricky, you’re like a brother to me, but this is making me nervous, and when I get nervous I get twitchy and terrible things happen.

    Your people and my people? They gonna have to talk about this thing.

    We need to talk about this thing.

  6. Dankoozy – If they could borrow it for an office they could equally borrow it for cancer vaccinations. Of course it is a question of priorities?

    Bock – You go sneaking off to Craggy Island and expect the world to pause while you are away? Someone has to keep an eye on those snivelling gobshites while you are absent. I was only keeping your seat warm.

    Who’s Ricky?

  7. It’s a name my people use sometimes. We will not speak of this again. We need to pool our resources to whack these Finnafaglia punks.

  8. Jesus fucking wept!

    It’s pretty obvious now where their priorities lie. I knew they were clueless but I didn’t realise that they were that clueless.

    I’d actually consider that to be treason.

    Willfully denying a vaccine to the countries citizens thereby ensuring at least 70 will get cervical cancer in their lifetime and building new offices for the fuckers that got us into this mess to begin with!

    Actually in hindsight I shouldn’t have expected anything less.

  9. If these guys are the shower of cunts you make them out to be then why aren’t there millions in the street? Why haven’t you over-run the GPO again? Why aren’t there roving gangs of citizens hunting them to bring them to justice?
    It’s probably a case of…”If we do that we’ll miss tonights episode of Friends or Eurovision” Sigh!

  10. @BrianF: Unfortunately Irish History dictates that any kind of revolution/ rebellion/ rising will never have public support and they usually collapse from the inside. Even the 1916 Rising was very unpopular with the masses and it was only the subsequent executions of the protagonists that turned that tide and paved the way for the War of Independence.

    Apathy is the biggest curse of this land! Give me a shout guys when you’re ready to pounce, I have Noisemaker all oiled and ready to go!

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