Time for a holiday — 10 Comments

  1. Save some money, and tell the French the councillors are all Englishmen who don’t drink red wine and said that Disneyland Paris is crap compared to Orlando. France would do it free then, betcha.

    Then who do we put into power in their place?

  2. Let them go alright. Just make sure the bastards can’t come back regardless of where they have gone to.

  3. Don’t get me started on the “powers of those that rule” – or have the money (our money that is) to go off and do things that we don’t have the money or time for because we’re too busy working and paying them taxes! *sigh* You can tell I really need one of those holidays those Irish eejits are taking. How would you get invited? And speaking of holidays – when is your little trip to France? 🙂

  4. “presented him with a bowl of weed?”
    , hmmm I dunno, I mean if you give me a bowl of half decent Northern Lights you could convince me to invest in anything.

    Anyway, they’ve been very quiet about who’s going where this year. Suspiciously so!

  5. Susan – Who do we put in power? Take your pick. There is a hedgehog in my garden who is looking for a job. Damned sure he’d do a better job than the current shower of tossers.

    Robert – How do we change the locks on a country? Or will we just seal off the airports?

    Tricia – It’s amazing how they couldn’t find €10 million so safequard Irish girls agains cancer, but they could find billions to bail out the banks with no problem at all! I’m not going until August. I’m hanging around for the fun and games.

    Jack – If it were that kind of weed, there might be some point to it all right? The reason they are being so quiet is because they know damned well that it is a fucking stupid thing to do.

  6. I think they should be made to visit the length and breadth of the country of their birth. Send them to Cavan. I’ll bake them a nice cake with extra ingredients donated by Bert. Heh.

  7. TT – I’m going at the end of August, and I ain’t coming back. Well, I might, but not for a long time.

    SHoop – Ass relegation? I like it. I’m on for taking over the country while they are gone. Anyone with me?

    E Mum – Nice. A Hot Dog a la Bert?

  8. Perhaps they’re coming to Baulkham Hills . .apparently we sent six of our best to Wexford for a cultural exchange!

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