Conversations on a submarine — 17 Comments

  1. Brianf – Shit! I should have said it, shouldn’t I?

    Mike – Thanks!!

    Tony S – One better… He says I’m even grouchier!

  2. Wow. Next time you get telephoned from ‘the other side’, can you ask my Grandma where she buried the rest of the silver?

  3. If you ever get a phone call from myself from the SSN 679 please let me know since she was scrapped in 2001. I’d be pretty torn up about it I’d think.

    And glad to know all this success hasn’t gone to your head (Love all these interviews you know. Always happy to see a friend recognized for the talent they have).

  4. Susan – Was she a submariner? If she phones, I’ll certainly ask her.

    Kirk M – I’ll take a note of that number in case it ever pops up on the screen of my phone. As for “all this” going to my head? It’s all a bit of a laugh!

    K8 – What runs in the family? You’re right about curries though. Yesterday was a Post-Vindaloo day. You’re lucky the wind wasn’t from the South West.

  5. Sounds like a fine stout vessel. You can’t beat your submarine, y’know, for a lot of things.

    I’m surprised more people don’t opt for them in the showroom ahead of your Fiesta and little small Mercedeseseses.

    I have the basic model. Starts first time every morning and off we go into the Western Approaches keeping Ireland safe in its bed and creeping up on trawlers that are stealing our Fish Suppers.

    No Grandad. You’ll not top a submarine.

  6. Captain – They are great yokes all right. When you have finished with them, you can even use them for storing central heating oil. You’re right – they can’t be topped [so long as you don’t bottom them?]

  7. Aye Grandad. I’d not thought of the heating oil idea but now you mention it… and of course with it the back garden you could trellis up some tomatos, maybe some sweetcorn and then if you sawed it down to 12 inches in length and covered it in mayonnaise you’d end uo with a foot-long Sub.

    QRT. Standing by.

  8. Grandad, I just listened to that. You dont sounds half as grumpy or old as I’d imagined.

    You need to grouch it up a bit when your “on air” you have an image to live up to.

  9. TT – You mean the one that became the Jean Autric??

    Jimbo – I have that effect on a lot of people. Everyone says I should sound older, be shorter and fatter and be more grumpy. I am very sorry to be such a disappointment to everyone.


  10. You had me intrigued with the U boat start. U 352 sunk just right off shore near where I live.

    Fantastic interview with Ivan, Grandad.

  11. JD – I told you before about throwing rocks at submarines. I hope you apologised? It wasn’t a bad interview, but listening to it after, I wasn’t sure whether we were talking about a book or a blog!

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