A job well done — 8 Comments

  1. I’ve a little extra paper, I’ll send Biffo some of my money and that should sort the country out.

    You don’t mind having my face on the country’s currency, do you?

  2. TT – Why should I bring them out tea? It was pissing rain. I know which side my bread is buttered.

    Maxi – You’re rambling again [and that’s my job]. I thing you are answering a differnt article? As for having your face on the currency? I have never yet wiped my arse with a fiver, but there is always a first time.

  3. Maybe they were originally supposed to be upgrading the road, but then they founf out there was no money left to finish it after tearing the road up, so they just put it back the way it was?

  4. Ian – Are you implying that I’m some kind of famine project?

    Maxi – If he turned the world against you, you’d be OK. In fact he has turned all sorts of other galactic entities against you. Sleep well!

    TheChrisD – I suppose that’s plausible. Maybe after thirty hours they were so addled with lack of sleep they just decided to replace everything and go home?

    Milton – A very interesting idea. I must go out and dig it all up again.

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