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  1. I simply always use my Neighbors bin. That way I don’t have to worry about any of it. Of course that has gotten hard since they got the two Dobermans.

  2. Why not do what most Irish folks do now and throw your rubbish out of the car as near to your local beauty spot as possible? All that verdant hedgerow and wild flora, it does get a bit bland after a while. Me and the wife like to play ‘spot the lucozade bottle’ as we jaunt around the country.

  3. We are lucky as our local landfill oops! I meant civic amenity site is only about a mile away. As soon as the pay by weight came in we cancelled our bins with Cork County Council and make one weekly trip to the dump oops again! I mean amenity site which costs about a tenner.

    Still don’t bother seperating the plastics though. Feck that.

    There is also a big notice out there that from Feb. they will be charging for all electrical waste such as old PC’s, TV’s etc. And here was me thinking that is what the extra WEEE charge on electrical items was for.

    Silly me! I forgot this is Ireland.

  4. They should colour code the trucks, so when your running out into the street at 8am and see it coming up the road you’ll know which bin you need to grab.

  5. I’m confused too

    Our recycling bin is blue, and our “other” rubbish bin is green.

    I keep putting recyclable stuff into the green bin.

    Stupid me.

  6. Jim C – Have you not thought of putting the Dobermans in the bin for collection? That’s what I would do.

    Hoor – The great advantage of living in a very scenic area is that I can fulfil my civic obligations just by chucking it over the wall into my neighbour’s. Mind you, the neighbour’s gaden isn’t so scenic any more. I must give out to him about that.

    Robert – Of course, I have the landfill to, but I tend to keep that for unwanted tourists and the like. I couldn’t dump rubish into it – it might start to smell a bit.

    Welcome Red! All the way from Twitter!! They are actually colour coded but the fuckers are too quick. I have to wheel my bins out to the end of the lane and they are usually gone by the time I arrive. Bastards.

    Frank – Why don’t you just repaint your bins in rainbow colours? That way it won’t matter which bin you use?

  7. omg, i was just sitting around here this morning thinking “now tomorrow is garbage day and you know you need to get ready for it because it’s going to rain tomorrow and you don’t want to have to put it out in the rain, do you?”

    needless to say i’m still sitting here speculating on what to put out.

    our garbage people are pretty prissy these days. we still have twice a week pickup, thank god, but they will only pick up the big stuff on the second day.

    don’t get me started on spring when everything here in the south falls to the ground, one way or another, or is hanging, in need of being hacked to the ground. They will only accept it in bundles of 3×3 feet. I swear they bring a measuring tape to make sure you haven’t tried to sneak a larger piece in the pile.

    I do derive a certain amount of satisfaction when a big storm comes through and they have to come get it in massive piles without their blessed measuring tape. Which tells you that they could always come get it, they just want to be prissy about it.

  8. Prin – Count yourself lucky. If it won’t fit in a wheelie-bin, it doesn’t get collected here. You would be amazed at some of the things I have had to cut up so that they would fit in. If they don’t like the look of it, they just leave it there. The end of my lane can get quite messy sometimes.

  9. We still have just the one bin and everything goes in it. Here’s a thought for you lot though. Instead of having different bins for different items; why don’t you have just one bin and employ poor people or convicts to sort it at the other end?

  10. This was a perfect gripe for today as I’m having similar problems. The “trash” not rubbish men as I know them, come twice a week. Twice for the rubbish and the other time for reclycling. I always forget to put it out. There is a law here (in our community) that it cannot be put out before 6pm at night, so that your neighbours don’t need to look at your rubbish. How ridiculous is that I ask? The only time I remember is when I’m returning from somewhere with the children in tow. I don’t feel like running out there at 10pm in the freezing cold either, sometimes in my pj’s. We pay dues to our HOA and sometimes they don’t pick it up because we have broken some “rule” of the rubbish world.

    I even get scolded by the postman for putting the bin too close to the mail truck because then he actually has to get OUT of the truck and put my mail in the box. Not like your postmen, who are fit and healthy and come to your door. Ours are unhealthy, because they don’t walk anywhere ever.

    Ah well, it’s obvious that I really related to that post GD isn’t it?? I can’t believe the computer in the dustbin though – that’s ridiculous for sure… 🙂

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