Podcast my arse — 19 Comments

  1. Well I like you better on the keyboard. I’m slow at picking up technology, and podcasts aren’t in my world yet.

    If you really want to do one, you could interview Sandy & Minnie, or even Herself. Takes the pressure off a bit, and prevents the droning, AND if it doesn’t go well, you have someone else to blame. Yup.

  2. Susan – Fair enough. One happy camper anyway! I tried interviewing Sandy, but she insists on an agent and a contract. All Minnie does is squeak, and as for interviewing Herself – You really do not want that.

  3. Well, if it makes you feel better, I prefer to read. (Although your voice would be great on the radio). I don’t even know what a podcast is (am I behind the times?) and would have to figure it all out which I really don’t have the time for. Reading your blog while I plod through my other boring emails every morning is a lift to my spirits – so don’t stop writing them, even if you broadcast as well.

    Did you win the poker? 🙂

  4. Xbox – I’m glad to hear it. ?

    Tricia – A podcast is where I record my pearls of wisdom so that you listen instead of reading. That radio recording I put up is a sort of podcast. Your spirits must be incredibly low if my scribbles manage to lift them?

  5. Xbox – I am a very calm and collected sort of bloke. Now, if I were to be interviewed by Plank, you might hear a different story?

    TT – Not only that, but people seem to be in agreement.

  6. heh heh that was fun. Just got back from the zoo. Folks were lining up to get in as we were leaving. So we all ran out screaming “RUN FOR YOUR LIVES. “

  7. Why change a winning formula? First its podcasts, next its voice over work on MacDonald’s ads. Nobody wants to sink that low! Stick with what you know!

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