Lack of tobacco is dangerous — 15 Comments

  1. Robert – They shifted some time ago. I wonder, now that Obama is in power, will the CIA drive white vans?

    Maxi – All pipe tobacco. It’s enough to make one turn to the cigarettes.

    Ian – Maybe. But there will be another death if I find out who’s behind this…

  2. ah, dad…

    I’m heartbroke you didn’t think to ask me for help; you have my e-mail – send me your address and I’ll ship you a supply of tobacco, we’ve plenty here.

    or, if it’s quality smoke you want, i could harvest some from the back 40, prepare it and then ship say…a pound?

    that do ya then?

  3. In the interest of preserving your mental health I did my own looking abouts for this elusive tobacco. Unfortunately, except for a bunch of old legal battles, I came up with much the same as you did. How obscure can one company be for heavens sake?

    I’d take Doc up on his offer then. Back 40 smoke is always highly recommended.


    I’m having to start buying some stuff online because of stupid retailers. ‘Buy in Bulk’ is better right, enough to last the rest of our lives?

  5. Wouldn’t want you suffering Grandad.
    You can order Condor online at either of these places?:

    Best regards.

  6. Doc – Why are you calling me Dad? I am your adopted son? I am always reluctant to turn to my family for help as I don’t like to be a nuisance. However That Back 40 sounds very nice. How are you for organising a container load?

    Kirk M – For an international company, they have a shit presence on the Interweb. Maybe I should offer to design them a decent site in return for a lifetime’s supply?

    TT – Good God, I hope not!

    Jennifer & Heshields – Thanks for those links [I have removed the links themselves – they can damned well pay to get ’em back!]. I’m seriously thinking of going the online route.

  7. sorry about that, son; at my age there is enough mental confusion without sampling the product from the back 40 while drinking my breakfast. i should know better but apparently not, it would seem…

    per the container, yes – i have enough product to ship one whole container your way.

    ‘course, that means you’ll have to leave the house, your village and brave the roads to the nearest port, but i promise it will be worth it.

    dirtections and bribe monies…er, cash for incidentals are on their way…

    oh and until the load arrives, go here:

  8. This definitely sounds as if there is going to be a full-scale nuclear war soon…

    Just back away from the launch controls, I’m sure that there will be a delivery soon…

  9. Long time no post…I don’t want to buck the trend here and actually post practical information. But why don’t you buy online? Condor can be purchased from several companies online in the UK….and……if you source a USA supplier for Samual Gawith or Gawith Hoggart’s you will get a vastly superior quality “English Soapy Condor” blend for way less than half the price. Package will be marked as ‘gift’ so you will pay no taxes! Easy.

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