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  1. Erm, it’s still showing the same old pics !?!
    Some minor bugbears being the contrast between the text in the header and the background make it difficult to read. Also it might be cool to have a popular posts section (especially useful for 1st time visitors) or something which would make it easier to find some of the cooler posts from the archives 😉
    But truth be told, I love your blog, almost always good for a laugh 🙂

  2. Paul – The new images are up and working, so it must be your browser that is still holding onto the old ones. If you clear your browser cache, or just wait a while that should change. That will also sort out the text contrast.

    Good idea about the popular posts, thanks. I’ll look into that one.

  3. My only constructive criticism would be to change the blue ‘Head Rambles …. etc ‘ text. It doesn’t really work on that background. White is boring but would probably look better.

  4. As the proprietor of the messiest website in Ireland, I wouldn’t dare to comment on yours.

  5. Twenty – I chose that colour off the book title. I would like to have used the font too, but you know how it is.. I have changed the rollover colour to white so I can compare the two. See what you think of that?

    Bock – Can I plead the Fifth on that?

  6. I know a hot Web Designer that could help you out for a fee – shameless plug there – (graphic wise, not programming wise). Mind you getting her to help with mine is a mammoth task! I prefer the other Grandad pic tho.

  7. Colors on black, tough call, yeah. Very hard to read and gives the eyes some strain.

    One of the reasons why the book cover works – whitespace. Or rather, blackspace. The letters are big, tall and clear on a wide expanse of black. In your header here, they’re short fat and crowded on a black background.

    Much better about clarity of “what this blog is about”, though it’s not the pictures that get you there (still don’t like the bomb/drugs). It’s the tagline and the sticky tape.


  8. On this, The saddest day in American history, you have to go and change your sites template.
    I thinks I like it but it’ll take time to sink in.

  9. For what it’s worth … I think the new look suits you.

    What are your plans for upgrading the contents?!

    Paul’s idea to have popular postings is a good one.

    Excuse my ignorance, but why is it the saddest day in American history? Apart from the inauguration (sp?) and the fact that Bush is still breathing, what’s so different about today?

  10. Yes, I like the new version. I like the quote from the book and I like the way the images sum up your personality so succintly. I like the crisp colours too. Ten out of ten.

  11. Oh, I meant to mention. It’s taking me more and more clicks to leave your webpage, and it took six clicks to get into the comments. Some technical glitch here?

  12. Hoor – A work of art? Thank you very much! 🙂

    James – Welcome back! OK. It’s two votes agains blue and none for, so I have switched the colours – white with blue on rollover. It is a little easier on the eyes. It’s tough about the bomb and the drugs. Do you want me to nuke Quebec again?

    Brianf – Thank you for your overwhelming enthusiastic support. It is a great day, isn’t it!

    Popeye – Thanks 🙂

    Bock – You tell him!

    Caren – The standard of content will remain exceptionally high, as always. Don’t mind Brianf. He is a fruitcake who thinks Obama is a communist or something. I have to be nice to him though because he is my arms supplier friend.

    Nick – Thank you very much. Why would you possibly want to leave my site? Clicking six times seems a bit excessive all right. Anyone else having any problems???

  13. The tagline is a nice plus.

    I don’t think James gets you. I guess he really believes the header is important to attracting and keeping readers, I don’t. Unless it’s really mucked up and has nothing to do with the blog subject.

    Nice of you to ask, but you can’t design by committee.

    I had no clickage problems.

  14. ‘Why would you possibly want to leave my site? Clicking six times seems a bit excessive all right. Anyone else having any problems???’

    This must be the ‘Hotel California’ of websites Grandad

  15. The small changes are always the best. Something I’ve never been quite able to do (need just a bit more knowledge of coding is all).

    The changes work well from my point of view and the body of the site scrolling over a static background is a nice touch. And it’s obviously done correctly since the site behaves in the same manner when viewed in Firefox 3.0, Firefox 3.1 nightly’s, Opera 10 beta, Google Chrome and [shudder] IE 7.0.

    Not making gross changes all at once was a wise choice since I would have to guess that the folks that drop by here are pretty comfortable with how the site looks by now. Something akin to conversing in the kitchen with your good friends(or whatever “comfortable” room you prefer). Where they might easily appreciate that new counter top you installed, a complete redesign along with new appliances and kitchen table would probably throw them.

    And subjectively speaking I can appreciate the images in the header, pills, Guinness, pipe and bomb but that “appreciation” comes from a rather unique background. There are some things I’ve never been able to shake out of my head if you know what I mean.

    Looks good to me.

  16. Wow, I like it!

    You asked for feedback, so…

    My favourite bit is very likely the “portrait” half-sketched half-photo, I like that and the way it reflects the creative nonfiction going on here, the mix of real and storytelling: excellent!

    Then, adding the thought bubbles reflect the title well and I like the book’s subtitle being taped up, too, just as it is on the book. Your publisher should be happy, I hope? I’m glad the main text is still black-on-white because my eyesight’s crap; I appreciate that.

    I wouldn’t worry about the colours in the header: we’re not reading it for long so eyestrain isn’t going to happen. I liked the old look, but I like this one better. It keeps the spirit of the old one but cleans it up and looks classy.

    I agree with Nick — 10/10.

    Now, all it needs is a Fairy Princess, like mine has. (wouldn’t that be SO you?)

  17. OK so the new look is in fact very nice but today of all days!
    Let’s take bets. What’s he gonna’ do first? Increase our taxes or make something illegal? Oh, oh wait maybe he’ll institute a new policy that shall both make something against the law and raise taxes all at the same time.
    Our, “Land of the Free”, won’t be in about an hour from now.
    We’re screwed!

  18. One comment: text that goes that far across the screen is hard to read. It’s one of those things that readers will definitely notice even if they don’t notice that they noticed!


  19. I’m glad the blue woolly hat has survived – you wouldn’t look the same without it.

    I think the sequence of medication, beer and tobacco is probably a precursor to a nursing home rather than a nuclear explosion.

  20. @BrianF: How about writing up a new post about this? Then I’ll be more than glad to drop by and discuss things with you. Like your VW microbus avatar by the way. What year is it?


    Just noticed the little glass icon by “Leave a Reply”. Nice touch.

  21. I am having a broken halo and smoking some fine east texas homegrown it is a fine day,the only thing better is to prosecute these bastard.thanks GD.

  22. if I was to make any criticism it would be of the wallpaper, I’d have chosen something more subtle, maybe a plain cream or something, but that’s just nit picking , it looks great!
    great theme by the way 😉

  23. Sixty – It’s more a case of design by consensus rather than committee. There are quite a few sites out there where I would love to stick my oar in and tell a few home truths. If there is something on a site that I may miss and others can see, then I should know about it. I think Twenty and James had a valid point about the main text colour, and that’s why I changed it. It does look better.

    Kirk M – I always value your input so I am glad it is positive. I am still not 100% sure of the images that I used so there may be a tweak or two there.

    Susan – That image that I used is off one of the rejected book covers. The whole idea was to bring the book design amd the site design a bit closer. The concept of the thought bubbles is one that I have wanted to use for a long time. I haven’t shown it to the publishers yet!

    Brianf – I hope the site looks the same tomorrow as it does today?

    John B – “text that goes that far across the screen“? I take it you are using a wide monitor as it’s a flexible width site. Maybe I should fix a maximum width? It’s a good point.

    Ian – I have no intention of losing the hat [not in this weather anyway]. That last image is the one I have some concerns about.

    Kirk M – I was wondering who would be the first to notice my little pints! 😉

    Popeye – Ship some over, will ya?

    Welcome Martin! I’m having wee thoughts about the wallpaper all right. I think a plain colour may be a bit bland. It is a nice theme. Maybe you and Roy should try it? 😉

    Maxi – At least I didn’t put all my content on a black background!

  24. I like it. The only thing I miss – and I couldn’t explain why, if asked – is the guy with the overgrown machinegun. I considered him very appropriate.

  25. I like it. Who did the little cartoon Grandad? It’s cute. I like beards.

    Congrats on the Blog Award Nomination. As if it was ever in doubt 🙂

  26. I only have two bits to say:

    1. Can you fix the comment form in IE8 so that it isn’t one character wide?
    2. Why is there a solid green-y background in IE7 compatibility view, but the proper old background in IE8?

  27. Not bad at all GD. Altho the cyan type colour for the “Rambles around the head of an Irish Grandad” is still a bit of an eyesore I feel.

    Liking the thought bubbles too.

  28. the new theme is Gr8, Grandad. The banner explains it all. 🙂

    Change: Hmmm….it seems that I have heard a lot of that lately/ in fact, I heard that the ‘merkan flag would be changed to have the word, “CHANGE” inscribed in Swahili.

  29. Jedrzej – I’m keeping him in storage in case of emergencies, like the Fianna of Irish legend.

    Popeye – Good stuff, huh?

    RhodesTer – I take it you approve?

    E Mum – That chap is off one of the cover proposals for the book, so Mercier did it. I suppose I had better ask their permission? And congratulations to you too!

    TheChrisD – I have only one bit to say:
    Ditch that heap of shite that is Internet Explorer. It isn’t rendering CSS properly I have tried in Firefox and Safari and have had no problems?

    NaRocRoc – A small thing, but I may address it. I have wanted to use thought bubbles for a long time. It’s what the site is about.

    JD – Thanks 🙂 That is exactly what I was aiming for. Though I’m not going to include the Merkan flag.

  30. Grandad,
    looks great to me, I’m always up for change, keeps everyone on their toes and thats a good think, right? As far as all the technical stuff, I’m the first to admit, “way over my head”, what the hell I just like the company and the friendships no matter how they look!! The “Black” in the middle, perfect, thats where my eyes went first, guess that says enough about me.

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