A long wait — 20 Comments

  1. Popeye – We have similar toilets? Did yours crack too?

    JackMcMad – No thanks. I think I just had Colonic Irrigation?

    Kate – That makes a change?

  2. Robert – What the hell has Halloween got to do with it?

    Jim C – Two hours with a toothbrush! It was Hers. I hope she doesn’t mind?

    NaRocRoc – Sick? Moi? What are you on about? I’m as healthy as a horse.

    TheChrisD – I would imagine it was a weeks supply of pints and curries. That’s a grand mix for cleaning out the system.

  3. I grew up with humble beginnings. My father was a plumber and his response would be “that is the smell of money”!

  4. You posted about poo? Gawd . . .I’m off to visit the ‘other fella’ If you get a chance hire a DVD called “Kenny” it’s a kack!

  5. How is it you can talk about a toilet while posting a photo like that and get all these comments? Are you magical?

  6. Brianf – You wouldn’t have me hold back now, would you?

    Cranky – If that’s the smell of money, I don’t want any.

    Baino – No I didn’t? I posted about fixing the bathroom facilities.

    Savannah – Welcome and thanks for your kind concern. I hope you find this site a bit cleaner than Bock’s?

    Ste – Welcome to you too. There is usually only one pub involved [there’s only one decent pub in the village], but there may have been twelve or so pints. I think one of them may have been a bit off?

    Paddy – I’m shocked! Of course I flushed. You don’t think I would be so uncouth as to photograph an unflushed toilet?

  7. healthy as a horse eh? Well then I reckon you need a stablehand with a shovel and a bucket behind you after you’ve dropped the kids to the pool!!

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