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  1. He linked to you. Wasn’t that nice, at least? His site looks all grand and old timesy, like a particularly fine Western.

    I fear the mud-slinging may get ugly. Shoots-out at dawn. Or is it shoot-outs?

  2. All it needs now is for Ron – wherever he is these days – to start a blog and all three of you will be on the Net. I suppose it’s better than you arguing in the pub and getting thrown out. Richard’s stuff is much more homely; what do you think Ron’s would be like?

  3. RhodesTer – You never were. Sorry!

    Susan – “While the arse is away, the cats can play”?

    Radge – Don’t you dare admire his site. It’s crap.

    JD – You’re a disloyal bastard.

    Kate – Come out? Do you think he kicks with the other foot?

    Ian – I haven’t heard from Ron for over a year now. I think he has succumbed to an overdose of Thailand?

  4. Who can tell? Its all in the realms of alter ego’s and mirror images – he looks like you but does he think like you – it’s all a bit deep for me……

  5. Excuse me for interrupting, but isn’t this the season for peace on earth and goodwill to arseholes and tosspots, whoever they may be? But if it does come to fisticuffs I’m on your side GD, maybe that’s what boxing day’s for.

  6. Kate – It is freaky, but he looks very like me. He tends to wash a lot though, and he thinks like the pansy that he is.

    Jen – When it comes to backstabbing, then peace and goodwill go out the window. Roll on Boxing Day! 😈

  7. Grandad:

    You should have installed that special “security system” I devised on the cellar door like I recommended. I understand that the cuckoo clock bomb that was to be presented to a certain high placed government official took precedent at the time but look what happened.

    Can’t do anything about it now I suppose, he’s broke out and established himself already.

    RhodeSter: Lone commenter? I think not, sir.

  8. Leaving aside the Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde comedy routine for a moment; I don’t get it. I mean what’s the point of having two weblogs ? Will you be debating yourself ?

  9. Hey, his retro site design even counts up the comments, nice. He looks like a nice bloke too, hair all combed neatly, he even had the beard going on!!!. Wonder how we get him to spill the dirt on grandad……………??? Could be some fun here, maybe…….

  10. Thailand?

    I never got there.

    I got the airport bus and was sitting there at the traffic lights in Drumcondra when I looked at my watch and saw it was hours before the flight so I got off the bus for a couple of half uns at The Cat and Cage and before I knew it, it was summertime, and the man next to me was saying that there was money in the taxiing so I got myself a ’95 Mondeo and I’m making a living in Dublin 1.

    “Bags, missus? What should you do with yer bags? Put them in the boot. Do yiz think I’m getting out in the rain to put them in for you”. “Malahide! Do yiz think I’m driving to Malahide? What do yiz take me for, a feckin’ explorer?”

    Anyway, I had ventured as far south as Kiely’s where they have electricity and thse computer things and I looked up you and Dick and you are still fighting like the pair of old feckers you always were, so I says to myself, “Ron, life is good on the Nort’ Side”

  11. We will of course be glad to provide weapons and munitions to each side at reasonable prices. Please check our slightly used inventory on e-bay.

  12. Huh? Well now you’ve got me so confused I’ve taken my meds. in the wrong order and fallen off Mr. Happy Cloud. So which one of you is writing Grandad’s book?

  13. Whoa! Too many comments to reply to individually.

    Ron – The Northside suits you. You stay there and you’ll be grand. Give my love to Bertie.

    Geri – I am the genius behind the book. The Other Fella just typed it out. The bastard gets his name on the cover though which is NOT RIGHT!!!

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