Using your time profitably — 16 Comments

  1. That’s an excellent time-waster, all right: I managed to kill forty minutes just waiting for the site to load. Not dial-up friendly, I must say.

  2. Susan – I was going to warn about that, but as you found, downloading it is a nice timewaster too. I have to consider all angles and aspects.

  3. Ah poop. Damn my rubbish 02 dongle. It looks so cool too. Talking of timewasting, I see you’ve been fiddling over at my gaff too. Impressive 😉

  4. The company’s IT department are on to you Grandad. I’ve been having too many ‘Head Ramble Fridays’ they’ve noticed 😉

  5. Jen – Welcome to my humble abode! 😉 Thanks.

    E Mum – If your site breaks, blame The Other Fella – the one who does my typing. He’s always messing things up.

    Moon – Do you really need an excuse?

    I see those hypnotic mushrooms I sent RhodesTer worked! 😈

    SHoop – And what do they intend to do about it? I have ways of dealing with IT departments……..!

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