I trust Tommy — 15 Comments

  1. Tommy is a future world leader. I hit my fourth decade on Sunday. The badge suits you. Eh, that’s it.

  2. Thanks for the link; I like Tommy already. Kids who can write AND win formal debates (instead of drooling over ‘like, y’know like, like y’know er?’) are worth gold. Where’d you get the badge?

    That’s the BEGINNING of Radge’s fourth decade, isn’t it? That or he’s eating magic beans, to judge by his photo. I’m old enough to be his Ma then…in a third world country anyhow.

  3. Ah bless the little bloodnut . . .the badge is one of the best pieces of marketing I’ve seen in a while! Could be a contender for the bloggywardythingies.

  4. If you’re his virtual great grandad then can I be your virtual American cousin? Then can I be in your will and get a guinea pig or something when you kick over?

  5. It’s bad enough having one family… This poor guy looks like he’s going to suffer a double whammee and have a virtual family to contend with as well…

  6. It seems like I have generated quite a family for Tommy?

    As Omani points out though, families ain’t always what they are cracked up to be? [“Friends are God’s apology for relations!”] Maybe we should leave him alone?

    RhodesTer – I would be honoured. I presume that means free holidays? I’ll bring Minnie Pig with me.

  7. RhodesTer – Worse than that – the Wal Mart employee who was crushed to death by shoppers when the doors were opened at start of trading? What kind of sick world do we live in?

  8. I don’t know if the Walmart thing was necessarily worse – the two idiots who got into a gunfight brought GUNS into a friggin’ TOY STORE, and even one of them was reported to have had small children (possibly his) with him.

    I’d call the Walmart event and the toy store event a tie for the most lunatic event of the year.

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