‘Tis the season to be jolly — 23 Comments

  1. Woodies is particularly horrible for this. All the Christmas gimmicks are piled up in front of the checkouts, and by mid December the checkout staff have strange twitches.

  2. The only tune that gets to me is Jingle Bells… the really cheesy versions that you get on the radio ads. Drives me nuts.

    What’s with the flower arranging link? Here was I clicking and expecting a hilarious drunken Santa photo and I get pretty flowers? Your link credibility is heavily dependant on you buying me something nice with that money…

  3. I’m afraid I’m a sucker for Christmas Grandad. But, that said, I would like it if they’d start playing the music a little further along – like maybe mid-December. It’s enough to make the biggest sucker jaded when you hear it repeated for an entire 60 days before the event. Maybe because I’ve two youngsters, my heart is a little softer. My little guy has a favourite album, ‘Frosty the Snowman’. Now I’ll agree with you there, if I have to hear it again and again this year, I might consider jumping off a building. Which is why it’s mysteriously ‘disappeared’ this year. He’s already asking for it. Any advice? hee hee 🙂

  4. I am hoping it is going to jump start our economy this year. Faint hope albeit. Other than that, I couldn’t agree with you more.

  5. I’m with you.

    I hate Christmas to begin with and the fact that it’s made worse by horrible songs just to try to force us into a mood we didn’t want to be in in the first place, just annoys me more.

    If you do kill people, let me know.

    That will really put me in a good mood.

  6. Also with K8. What’s with the flower arranging link? Odd that we get a US link. Odder that they feel the need to tell us what date Xmas falls on and what Xmas is about. Anybody not already know this?

  7. Niall – Thanks. *makes note to avoid Woodies*

    K8 – Sorry about the link. I have to pay for my holidays somehow?

    Tricia – I’m very sorry, but Frosty the Snowman is up there with Slade and Bing Crosby. Advice? Seek professional help, immediately.

    TT – If that is what it takes to get us out of the recession, we are royally fucked.

    Maxi – I’ll let you know. We’ll do an Uzi-raid on the pre-Christmas sales.

    TT – Sorry – See my response to K8. 🙁

  8. I suggest buying a good set of headphones and just keep them on non-stop for the next 5 weeks…

  9. Ooh, lots of bah humbugs to the early start to this years Crimbo.
    In an effort to speed it up (Crimbo = a few days off work) I pulled out my foot-high artificial crimbo tree from its dust covered hiding and proudly displayed it on my desk at work. Work colleagues not amused. On Friday, one particular collegue walks in the office, looks at tree, utters something along the lines of “ah, for feck’s sake” and promptly grabs precious tree and shoves it well outta sight.

    Bah humbugs, the lotta ya! heh!

  10. TheChrisD – Excellent idea! I’ll wear my phone from now on.

    Charmed – One of the things I miss in retirement is the chance to piss of colleagues. One of my favourites was wishing people a Merry Christmas [in February].

  11. i can’t believe you even brought it up…it started before friggin halloween here that’s how desperate they are. so many are going out of business after the first of the year…that should make you feel better. i know it does me.

  12. Prin – I’m only giving out about the “muzac” they are pumping out. I have given up complaining about the length of the season. It is one of the great things about living up in the mountains – we celebrate the season at our own pace. They even leave the Christmas decorations up all year round in the village, just for the craic.

  13. The thing that grates my soul is the fact that as soon as Halloween is over and done with the Christmas music starts. If it were up to me no Christmas music would be allowed until the first of December on pain of death. By the same token, no stores would be allowed to put up there Christmas displays until December first either also on pain of death.

    Christmas has always been special to me and all this damn commercialism has ruined it. I figure that threat of death and a few judicious executions is the only way to make it special again.

    And I don’t mind the link at all. I have a mouse and a status bar and I know how to use them.

  14. Thing that really gets gets my goat is the inability to say anything negative about the crass commercial excesses of it all without getting the inevitable “bah humbug” response from someone. Apologies to ‘Charmed.’ Well, not really.

  15. im with you on this one granddad. Its only november and they are playing christmas songs god amighty please stop this torture. As if i wasnt tortured enough the christams lights were switched on in bray last night and to say the least bray was jammers. i had to nearly do a brian o driscoll rubgy tackle just to prevent myself from getting knocked down by a group of people. This is only the start of things to come.

  16. I’ll admit to loving Christmas music, but only if it’s real Christmas music.

    What I don’t count as real (and whose first notes send me into a hulk-like fit of rage) are Frosty the Snowman, Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer (AGH!), Jingle Bell Rock, Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time (whatever it’s really called, and who did that other one, Status Quo or someone?), and the one where the dogs bark Jingle Bells …. oh dang the chest pains have started already. Will have to leave off.

  17. Sounds like someone got hold of some bad gruel and sour mead and the ghost of Christmas Past is paying you a visit. “Gosh Tiny Tim, go to the butcher and buy the biggest turkey in the window and take it to your Ma!”

  18. this was left for me on my blues page. i hesitated to listen to it, thinking it might be a spammer but he loved my post on emmylou harris so i thought i would just give it a listen. he had me tappin my foot and not feeling quite so bah humbuggy. go have a listen if you’ve a mind to.

  19. Fuck Christmas…I fucking hate it and all that goes with it.Stupid fucking food,music and faux cheer from fuckers that’d run a knife through your face every other day of the year.

    If I could hibernate through it all I would.

  20. The songs are dreadful. Can’t even go to a petrol station without having ‘Last Christmas’ rammed into your head. Volumes go up in December by the way.

    Festive build-up? Festering breakdown more like…

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