To sleep, perchance to hibernate — 14 Comments

  1. Now thats a picture to think about – Grandad sitting reading Winnie the Pooh to his computer!!! Aah

  2. Sounds like my old desktop (mid-tower actually) with the single exception that it’s the only PC I got therefore I have no choice but to keep it on permanent life support even though I should have probably pulled the plug months ago.

    The wireless connection goes away at random periods of time and I have to have my wife’s PC talk nice to it, it whines loudly on various occasions which is only solved by giving it a swift kick, my defrag software has sued for divorce and I have mice living in the available drive bay.

    And although I can put mine to sleep I don’t dare…it might never wake up. Sounds like our respective desktops might be mates.

  3. I tried to donate my old desktop to the charity that gives computers to disadvantaged African orphans, but they said it was too out-of-date. So I gave it to my kids…it’s their problem now.

    Your PC & printer sound like my wsher and dryer–they live and die together. Drives me nuts.

  4. I have a similar problem with my 5+ yr old, except it has a problem waking up.

    Problem with a total refresh is loading all those patches and service packs, and convincing Mickysoft it’s genuine 😉

  5. Kate – I bet you talk to your car? What’s the difference?

    Kirk M – “it whines loudly on various occasions which is only solved by giving it a swift kick” That is no way to treat your wife. My network is great except that it refuses to see Herself’s laptop.

    Susan – Things are bad when charities turn up their noses. I tend to just hold onto things until they vanish in a ball of flame. I’m expecting that to happen to the PC anyday.

    Neighbour – Why do we have to convince Mickysoft that it’s genuine? I know it’s genuine. You know it’s genuine. They can fuck off.

  6. You’re right – I do talk in my car – but not to it – thats where I learn my Spanish – PJ Picanto speaks and I listen!!! Whatever lights your candle eh???

  7. Well, Grandad, computers have their personalities as well as we do.

    In the early days, when they were still very large and quite rare, the German word for a computer was “Elektronengehirn”, which means in English literally “electronic brain”.
    German is a very precise and descriptive language, and I think they got that one right. Meanwhile the Germans have been so Americanised and internationalised that they also use the word “computer” as we do.

    But ever so often, when one of my electronic friends does things on his own that I do not understand and for which there is no explanation as such, I remember the old German word. It gives one a lot to think…

    P.S. Have you tried to befriend your old computer with a cat? My cat appears to be very fond of my older Apple Macintosh and likes to rest on top of it. She does however not go near the new one, which is in use most of the time.

  8. Grandad,
    Have tried greasing the SQL valves or loosening the sATA connector rods. I think the spec clearance for those rods are someting in the vicinity of .0032. As you know most folks keep there sATA rods too tight. You might also wish to look at getting the floppy drive stiffened up or just increasing the RAM drive.
    I had great luck when I recovered all the CSS links with a nice seude, though I did have to rename all the perl scripts at the same time.

  9. I reckon yer problem is with the sandwich toaster bit – you need to de-crumb it. I try to do that regularly with my computer, bits of burnt crumbs cause all sorts of upsets to delicate hardware that no amount of nice talking with sort out.

  10. Kate – I bet you yell obscenities at other drivers too?

    Emerald – In this house [and land] we have a dog, a guinea pig, a heron, a squirrel and a hedgehog or two. No cats though. I’ll try sitting the guinea pig on it?

    Brianf – I tried everything. I have buffed my RS232. I soaked the CPU in WD40 overnight. I even hammered out a few dents in the hard drive. You have given me one idea though – I’ll make it a Perl necklace?

    Charmed – I tried de-crumbing. I held it upside down and shook it vigorously but the only thing that fell out was a dead mouse.

  11. My PC is now working perfectly.

    I took the side panel off, and it was full of fluff, dead spiders and an empty wine bottle from a party back in 2001. I took it out into the garden and gave it a thorough hosing and it’s running like the clappers ever since.

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