Morning Glory — 21 Comments

  1. Oh you made me smile when I needed it so badly: AUNT, clever you. and congratulations on your morning glory in bondage, i’ve never seen one tied with a string to the ceiling.

    I might even smile the next time Himself stands picking his nose while I’m trying to have a conversation with him.


  2. Watch out for those plants, they’ll eat your dog and suck you dry of all your blood. I saw a documentary called “The Little Shop of Horrors” about that once.


    Catchy tunes though.

  3. Susan – String was the only way of tying it up. It shot up the bamboo stakes and started snaking arount at the top. I tied the string to shut it up.

    Charmed – “tell herself I said that” I will in my arse. I’m not going to encourage her.

    Kate – I will admit it’s not bad for a miniscule two year old seed that had come all the way from France. I thought it was dead when I planted it.

    Maxi – Ahhh! The Little Shop of Horrors…. “Feeeeed Meee!!”

  4. A couple of years from now we will gaze over the green mound covered with blue flowers and say “Grandad’s house used to be there”.

  5. I would use the letter P.I enter my punt,and poled away from that women.Or here in the states,She makes me want to punt her over the field goal.

  6. geez, he reminds me of seymore, this rhododendron i gave diluted human vitamins to… once… because he wouldn’t grow. he grew alright, all over the house, the wall, the balcony…i cut huge chunks from him and gave them away, he procreated everyone’s home that i gave him to in much the same way. i finally had to give him away…still he haunts me, 35 years later…

  7. at least you can trust a plant to be exactly what it is with no back talk, criticism, sighing, rolling of the eyes, making you look the fool, etc, etc, keep ’em coming GD, the only thing boring is thinking that you are boring, stop it!

  8. I gave a friend who is big into horticulture a packet of the Morning Glory seeds and she failed to produce even one little Jean Claude! K8 failed miserably too! We should get some kind of an award ?

  9. Jim C – It will be perfect camouflage from your damned spy satellites 😉

    Popyeyemoon – What about the letter H? Hunt the horrid harridan from the house?

    Prin – I have alway been very wary about feeding human remains to plants. I have found from experiment that it can have unpredictable results.

    John O – *sigh* The perfect partner? And I didn’t say I was boring. Herself did.

    TT – Yes, Dear?

    Granny – You forgot to mention that you had fuck all to do with it. Who planted it? Who has been feeding it and staking it ever since? Gerron yer bike, woman….

  10. after so many years with himself, granny may think she knows you, but I’m sure there is still a twinkle in those eyes of yours to keep herself on herself’s toes. enjoy the mystery

  11. Of course now I’m wondering what Herself finally threatened him with to get him to write about the plant after all. He really didn’t seem like he wanted to.

  12. She thinks you’re boring? Obviously she hasn’t read any of my drivel…

    PS. I was half-expecting the word “cunt”…

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