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  1. We have a wonderful plant we would be glad to send you. I don’t know the scientific name, but the polite name is Kudzu. Growth rate is about 12 inches a day. it prefers to climb, trees, houses slow moving cars, and things like that. some people claim that they see the skeletons of animals that have became trapped in the vines, but we know that they are lying. You can’t see anything in a kudzu patch as it covers everything.

  2. Jim – I confess I have never heard of it. I had to look it up. I was going to ask you to ship a container load, as I see it is supposed to be a good cure for hangovers. Then I read a bit further, and found it is supposed to cure cravings for alcohol too. We couldn’t have that in Holy Catholic Ireland now, could we?

  3. We used to have a morning glory on a trellis up to our pergola in Cape Town.

    If Jean Claude is one of them, you will need to move him somewhere soon – somewhere where there is loads of stuff for him to climb. He will produce the most beautiful purple flowers.

    I’m not so sure he will like the climate outdoors in Ireland, though.

  4. If it is Morning Glory, the seeds on some varieties are hallucinegenics, so please feel free to distribute the seeds down in the Wicklow direction.

  5. Karyn – I’m going to move him into the junk room office when he is a little bit older. It’s probably too bloody cold outdoors, and there is plenty of rubbish stuff for him to climb over. Your flower looks like Bindweed to me?

    Flirty – Could you cope with something seven foot long at the end of the week?

    King Bob – I knew there had to be a reason we bought the seeds. Thanks for reminding me. Since when is The Netherlands in Wicklow?

  6. My company’s Internet gateway is in the NL, thus the flag, I am however firmly ensconced in the garden county.

  7. King Bob – Ah yes. Found you. 😉

    Kate – C’est tres bien, merci. [beaucoup bien??]

  8. I hate to say this given m. sarkozy’s visit, but Jean-Claude is a vicious weed and I love tearing him and his cousins out of the hedge. Off with his head. But now I read, care of King Bob above, that Jean-Claude may have redeeming characteristics, maybe the hedge does look nice, covered in bindweed.

  9. Trust me on this one Grandad, you do not want Kudzu shipping to your green shores. Think John Wyndham.

  10. Kerryview – The problem is that this Bindweed isn’t Bindweed. There again, maybe it is, but just a different colour. I don’t know. I’ll try smoking it anyway and see what happens.

    TT – I have been thinking John Wyndham ever since Jean Claude popped his head out of the compost. He has nearly reached to top of the stick now!

  11. Isn’t he just a wee darling. Please post pictures when everything in your house becomes topiary..

  12. Welcome, 1st Lady! I’m not too sure about ‘wee darling’, in the same way I would be slow to call a polar bear ‘cuddly’. I’ll see in the morning if the dog is still around, and I may remove the barbed wire then. I believe in caution…..

  13. If I had a “Morning Glory” that could wrap itself around a stick I guess I wouldn’t be reading and responding to “this” blog, oh the injustice of it all………

  14. RhodesTer – I don’t think they are related.

    John O – Please illustrate. 😉

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