Having a quick sniff — 21 Comments

  1. Note to self:
    Run. Away. To. France.
    Thanks for not gloating about the sunshine, btw.
    I have to go cry now.

  2. Missing your posts.
    How is France other than the lack of lightning fast internet?

    I’ll swop you.I’d rather be there than in work anyday:)

  3. 6.5mbit in france is quite bad so who ever runs that internet cafe is a stingey bastard

    they had 24mbit ADSL2 over there when eircom were still trying to pass off their 512k lines as the best thing since sliced pan. of course the 512k lines were only available in dublin. only in selected estates and shitty apartments for a very high price. when in france you could walk into a L. Elecerec and buy a ADSL2 modem that works anywhere in france with subscription

  4. I knew you went to McDonald’s – you said that you avoided Burger King and something else to that effect… but I looked at your picture and said that ” old codger is lying he eats big macs… like the rest of us.”

    Can you get haggis with mcmuffins? I like the sausage ones myself and I like it when I bite a piece of bone and the cheese slice is extra rubbery on the eggs… ha ha.

    I forgot you’re still in France… that totally screws up the idea that the French have sophisticated palates if they have McD’s. See how you shatter my world stereotypes, even if it is inadvertently. Always working on messing with people’s minds- even on vacation Grandad.

  5. MacDonalds in Franceland! Ha! Next you’ll be telling me that there’s KFC’s and Burger Kings all over Ireland! Ha!

  6. I was the top commentator two days ago and now I’m not even on the list.

    So I won’t comment on this post out of protest.

    Oh wait….

  7. 6.5 Mb? Jaysus! The highest I can get is 7Mb, and I have to hand over the deed to my house for that! 🙂

    I presume you’re having a grand time, Grandad? 🙂

  8. Yeah, but how much an hour did you pay to connect?

    I discovered that their idea of an “internet cafe” was a bar where there was Wifi that cost €6 an hour if you bought a three hour card at €18.

    Don’t come home. The wetness has stopped, now it’s just cold.

    The latest political news is that Grealish is thinking of joining the FFers depriving the PDs of 20% of their presence in the Dail (your beloved accounting for the balance of their parliamentary weight)

  9. @Ian: It’s only ever that expensive when you’re out somewhere remote. I remember we went out to a holiday camp to summers ago. Wifi access cost €12 an hour, if you bought per hour, only dropping to around €8 an hour if you bought a 10 hour block…

  10. You do know that we’re up to our knees in tourists since you took a holiday. Walking about with no fear……& with maps.
    Do you have to watch out for a monsiuer grand pere there or are you networking?

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