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  1. Give them poor cheese eating surrender monkeys a fighting chance at survival at least!!

    Chris: Give us a shout when the party’s on!


  2. Thank f*ck for that. Thought the old fart would never leave. Right guys, all round to his manor, it’s parteeeeeeeee time.

  3. I sort of believe the old fart about the hounds though. They’ve been trained to use the ammo no doubt.

  4. Is the chain on the gate to keep us (or any other beings with dubious rollicking gate-crashing intentions) out, or is to keep poor Sandy in??

  5. @kae: Why would we need fake ID’s? I’m sure some of us are over 18.

    Or is it just me?

  6. Grandad,
    By all that is holy stay down wind from the wine-sipping, smelly cheese eating, hands-up-in-the-air French!

  7. Ummm… no party. I just blew up the oven. No I didn’t. I just discovered the booze stash. Every woman for himself… if you can find me, you’re welcome to share in the destruction, if you can get past the dogs/barmen.

  8. Chain’s not on his property but rather his neighbors. He locked up his manor alright and gave K8 the key (had a weak moment he did) and then he chained up his neighbor’s gate while they were sleeping.

  9. Have a good one big fella.

    That’s right, in a glaringly over-familiar gesture i have decided to call you ‘big fella’. Enjoy it.

  10. Bugger, I was in Ireland on the 28th, up at Johnnie Fox’s in fact & would’ve gladly left if I’d known you lot were going to gategrash the Manor! *sigh*
    Grandad, I hope you & the missus have a lovely time in France 🙂 I’ve just had a wonderful week in & around Greystones & surprise, surprise, it only rained ONCE!

  11. Grandad,

    I got home from France last night. (I have an ambition to one day drive to the ferry port and say, ‘Nah, can’t be bothered to go home’ and turn the car around and head south again. My daughter describes this as ‘sad’).

    It’s miserable here – it’s cold and raining and the country has gone bankrupt since you left. If I were you I would take a winter’s lease. If nothing else, Carla Bruni is much pleasanter on the television than any of the Irish politicians.

  12. This was the first post I read here – it sounded so final I thought you were packing in the blogging!!

    A quick look through the last few days worth of posts put paid to that luckily enough. Keep up the good work lad, it’s a good read. And enjoy the break, we’ll make sure and keep some rain for you.

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