Hitting the roof — 30 Comments

  1. Keep your hair on Grandad – you’re lucky they turned up at all.
    Think of the benefits – you won’t be able to moan about the water coming in and you will be able to concentrate on the finer things in life!!!!

  2. Thrifty – There is plenty of physical labour out here if you want some? Give me a call.

    Kate – They wouldn’t dare not turn up. Herself has quite a reputation throughout the county.

    Green Ink – Our dog has excellent manners. You should see what she does with the hairs she has molted.

  3. I’m absolutely envious; builders don’t come as far as our house at all. Next time this happens, you can send them to us and we’ll send them back when they’re done– and you’ll have your four days back, ok?

    I grew up with blue-tail flies and hate them. But maybe if I ever see one again I’ll be more sympathetic, after your story. I hope your wounds heal soon.

  4. hey, no time to comment, but i am going to ask for prayers…i’m taking my licensure exam tomorrow at 9am central time. i think that’s somewhere around 3pm your time? if you happen to think of my old feeble brain, sure would appreciate a thought/prayer sent my way…need all the karma i can get 🙂

  5. Susan – It’s all down to the art of friendly persuasion. Where tradespeople are concerned, I let Herself do the talking. I don’t know what she says to them, but they either turn up fairly promptly, or they change their phone numbers. I don’t know what she says to them…

    Xbox – Both. The shoes are now out on the window ledge. They should be wearable in a year or so.

    Prin – As much good karma as possible heading your way..

    TheChrisD – They are gone. They came a day early. They did a brilliant job. They finished very quickly. They tidied up after themselves. They charged less than I expected. They were very courteous and friendly. I am assuming I will wake up soon.

  6. You should have given me a shout and I would have helped you out.

    The kind of help that involves moaning about having to carry out physical labour.
    I make a savage cup of tea though!

  7. Maxi – Typical manager… arrives when the work is finished [but at least you’re not taking the credit!]. I’m very good at moaning about physical labour myself, thanks. And I make a mean mug of tea. Drop by sometime and I’ll make you one.

  8. Considering the type of roofers you describe are in all reality, non-existent, it was the fact that you were actually willing to get up there, work your arse off, strip the skin off your arms, actually get done in time for them to start their work and finish it plus step on a large dog turd to round things off nicely that most likely conjured them up in the first place. If you weren’t the hard working curmudgeon that you are, the roofers would have shown up a day late, taken 3 days too long, done a lousy job and charged you twice as much.

    All things considered, I’d say you were rather fortunate.

  9. June – It might have been one of my slices [golf-slices, that is. I don’t go around cutting up poo].

    Kirk M – One thing I didn’t mention is that they actually helped me! Mind you – as Herself says – it hasn’t rained heavily yet!!

  10. nah, i guess i better go on to work…i worked hard for five years to get this degree, and at times nearly lost my mind over algebra and spanish… all so i could find a decent paying job in this god-forsaken hell hole i live in…so i guess i better get off my ass and go do something with it, huh? 🙂

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