Wherefore the Warfarin — 33 Comments

  1. Mayhaps she wants to practice on a Romanian woman for the real kill ? Watch out old thing. And no capital puns today.

  2. I don’t mind what she does as long as she leaves the Romanian alone. She [the Romanian] is lovely!

    Herself has her out in the garden at the moment. She’s digging a deep hole about seven foot by three foot. I haven’t a clue what that is about.

    Capital puns?

  3. Ah, the joys of marital compromise.. You have obviously been well trained not to argue with the boss… :). Are you sure the rat poison is not for yourself?

  4. Kate – Yup. 🙂

    Tricia – It’s wrong of me, but I take the easy way out. If thing get out of hand then the baseball bat comes out. Marital Equilibrium? I think I’ll stick to take-aways for a few days….

  5. Oh well – you have to get life’s pleasures as and when you can – enjoy! and steer clear of the garden!!!!

  6. I found a couple of old land mines laying around while I was packing the embassy. You want them?

    You know.. just in case, while your sleeping and all?

  7. Did you ever see the American movie “9 to 5”? If Herself wants to put any type of artificial sweetener in your coffee, don’t I repeat don’t drink it, you’ll end up pushing up,,,,, daisies that is, not flogging the Mollie!

  8. Cranky – Send ’em on. Usual address. Usual terms? They always come in handy.

    John O – Aw feck! Now you have that damned music going through my head. I always sweeten my own drinks after that incident a few years back. Flogging the Mollie? You mean, sell her on eBay? Not a bad idea….

  9. Typical, kill the American, and all I was trying to do is protect you from the evils of a women, ah too late

  10. You’re off the hook, John O. They just played Bowie’s ‘Life on Mars’ on the radio. Now that’s going through my head…..

  11. Thanks, and I would much rather have Bowie running through my “whiskey addled brain” (Eugene O’Neill) than Dolly, however she is soooooo much better looking!

  12. Rat poison, Romanian female, shopping and a 7×3 hole in the ground…


    Okay, nothing on that one, glad she’s good looking though but I’d watch your step in the garden. Also, sniff your food carefully before eating. Any idea what the Romanian woman is all about or did I miss that? Or are you not telling?

    Can’t believe I couldn’t come up with anything for the above. The VA’s going to do surgery on my person, that must be it then…preoccupied.

    Save that hole for me then, just in case. I could do worse than being buried in Ireland.

  13. That’s one cute-looking rat, I think its actually smiling!. Please reassure that it didn’t come to a sad end in the big hole in the garden. Ta.

  14. TT – I’m not asleep, just preoccupied.

    John O – Not my type. I’m not into the busty blonds…. She’s all yours.

    Kirk M – You probably know as much about it as I do. There is no way you are being buried here. You have longer left than I have. Good luck with the surgery.

    Charmed – No, it didn’t.

    Actually there is a bit of an update on all this….
    Herself has fallen in the hole in the garden and is yammering to get out. I have discovered that the Romanian has incredible energy and can go non stop for ages. I’m thinking of keeping her.

  15. hi there

    Its always a real pleasure reading your blog and keep those witty blogs coming my way if you dont mind thanks. Also where do i get a pipe like yours no its not for me its just that i need it for a plan that i am working in.

  16. Hi Vicky! Welcome to the weird world. 🙂

    There’s no need to be ashamed of wanting to smoke a pipe. I know one or two others who do it. Head over to Elie [the link is on the right hand side above].

    The pipe I smoke is the Elie’s Comrade. Drop him a line and mention my name!

  17. Maybe she’s building up an immunity after all of those funny comments I’ve been making about wanting your house…

    She must have watched ‘The Princess Bride”… you can’t be too prepared you know.

  18. Welcome Health! 🙂

    Herself has a habit of doing these things and not telling me anything. I have a sneaking suspicion though that by the time I find out, I’ll be in no fit state to write about it?

  19. That habit of hers is probably one of the reasons you’ve been around this long. She’ll keep you going just by keeping you guessing most likely. 😉

  20. Kirk M – You could be right. It keeps the old mind alert, looking for booby-traps and other hazards in life.

  21. Have ye’z any beds to go to – its 1.15 in the morning. So unless there’s a party (my invite must have got lost?) what are you all (those in alternative time zones exempted) up to????
    PS – glad the rat is alright

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