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  1. Wow. It’s a close race. I just leapfrogged four places on your Top Commenters list with that comment. See what this one does. By the way. Where is Brianf ? You think he was Charlton Heston?

  2. And here’s me thinking of exercising the rights to my heritage – will there be room for me over there when you’ve shipped all those people out do you think??

  3. TT – You’ll have to move here first before I can export you. I’m not in the immigration business.

    Lottie and Darren – No problem. All you have to do is provide me with forged Irish passports and other lack of official identity.

    Kate – I’d say the country will be pretty empty soon. Business is brisk. Have your forged tickets ready.

    BBB – When one runs an illegal business, one doesn’t publish one’s finances on the Interweb. You never know when the taxman is watching?

  4. Mmmm already got the passport so I’d just need to smuggle my car on to the ferry – couldn’t leave PJ behind – do you think anyone would notice a very small black Picanto with pink hibiscus flowers on the panels????

  5. Kate – If it’s a legitimate passport, it’s no good. You’ll have to go through the regular channels. As for the car…. ?

  6. Ah, you’ll have room for me now! I’ll muck up the place – make the Celtic Tiger roar with fire again! 🙂

  7. Always been amused at that product naming: MS Works, i.e. Microsoft works i.e. it functions, it does what it’s supposed to.
    Assuming the forged docs arent part of the deal? Hmmm, a side-business, perhaps???

  8. Apologies, but I’ve just tagged you in a meme. You can blame K8!

    (don’t feel you have to by the way; it’s surprisingly difficult!)

  9. You got a container going to Canada? I have a bunch of bags I want to throw in there. I already have my plane ticket bought and paid for, and I get to queesy on boats.

    T Minus 33 days, 14 hours, 45 minutes 🙂

  10. Yiz have all got the wrong end of the stick. I’m not a fecking travel agency! I’m an illegal immigrant repatriation service. If you want to go to the Maldives or the Seychelles, then make your own arrangements.

    Jedrzej – No problem. I have a container with 48 families going over next week. Will the package fit in the remaining 10 cubic inches?

  11. It won’t really, I’ll have to split it – gonna send just 10 cubic inches of euro notes this time.

  12. This reminds of that old movie Soylent Green or the Twilight Zone where they serve people- for some reason I think you are canning people…

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