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  1. I don’t like living dangerously – it goes wrong enough times anyway – Think I’ll wait till KP gets back and let him do my updates.

  2. Grandad, you should take the rest of the day off. As for me I only upgrade at the last last possible moment – “You’re on version 1.12? We no longer support that version of the Lisa o/s”. You know the kind of thing.

  3. I don’t think so …. its bad enough I have a part share in looking after his on-line business while he’s sunning himself – he’s written a manual – I just don’t understand the half of it! BUT if I was to do something daft during an upgrade and lose my connection I think he’d give out to me good and proper for messing around with stuff. I’ll just leave well alone …… Chicken? Now there’s a thought for dinner – with lemon and ginger I think…..wanders off to the kitchen where she belongs……..

  4. Kerryview – Not a bad idea. I agree about upgrading. Microsoft has been nagging me for ages about upgrades, but I find Windows 3.1 to be very good, apart from the fact that it crashes all the time.

    Kate – I’m glad you didn’t think I was calling you chicken. I knew you were stuck fo ides for dinner.

  5. I just upgraded my installation. It was totally painless and simple!

    It left me feeling rather disappointed as I was hoping that it would have been a bit more difficult and give me something to occupy myself with for the afternoon 🙂

  6. Niall – You mean there’s a 3.11? I must upgrade immediately!!

    Robert – Proof that any fool can do it It is easy all right. Now I have to find out what it does!

  7. gah, even though I’ve updated countless times before, I hate doing as there is always something in the back of my mind saying it’s going to go wrong somewhere.

  8. If you stick with the shit(blogger) you never have to bother upgrading or thinking of being able to attract new readers or anything.

    It’s great.

  9. maybe blogger is the shit… I’m wondering should I convert, oh god now something else to rattle around in this poor head….ahhh jaze

  10. I think I’ll wait until the inevitable 2.6.1 version is released before upgrading on my own site.

    As for my project site, I can’t risk upgrading that until it can be confirmed that it will play nicely with bbPress 🙁

  11. Blogger is indeed da zhit! as in da dogz bollockz!

    replacing s with z is kool right? then how come zhit looks awful.

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