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  1. If you want faster loading, Kirk put the WP Sooper-Dooper Cache d00dad on my blog and it has worked wonders.
    Thanks for leaving me in your blogroll.

  2. For so long I have waited for the day when Coffee Helps will appear on the blogroll of Head. However, I don’t like rejection, and I’m a bit scared of you, to be honest, Grandad. So I’m just not going to ask. Maybe for my birthday or something…

  3. see i knew there was a reason i checked in here before i go down for my afternoon nap 🙂 i always thought i should be on your blogroll, even though i’m not irish my ancestors were…some of them anyway. yep, heinz57 that’s me 🙂 so could i please be on it? my mom used to have this saying when she wanted me to do something and i actually did it without a fuss “thanking you sincerely i am, your mother” so in advance, thanking you sincerely i am, your reader 🙂

  4. Grandad, the site looks lovely. I have a favourite plugin that saves me a bunch of time. I’m sure you’ve heard of it. It’s called, “Instant Upgrade”. It internally downloads the new files, deactivates the old plugin, installs the new files, and reactivates the new one. A brilliant plugin to say the least. 🙂

  5. Hmm… and that was obviously supposed to say Head Rambles, as it’d be a little strange if you had a blogroll on your head. ‘Tis very hot in the south of France this time of year, I’d better get another cocktail and lie in the shade… 🙂

  6. Dumpted the A list! Good for you I like an egalitarian approach (hehe, still on top until an A blog comes along!) You forgot Thrifty!

  7. Sixty – I already have the sooper dooper cache thing. The only thing I don’t have is sooper dooper cash.

    Hails – Scared of me? Why? You met me – I’m harmless! On the other hand, I can be a bit of a bastard, so because you don’t want to be added……! 😉

    Prin – Nationality has nothing to do with it. There are some real mongrels in that list.

    JD – Unfortunately there isn’t a plugin to update the entire site, that I know of. Is there one that writes posts?

    Hails [again] – Please don’t use up all that heat. I’m heading down there myself soon.

  8. Baino – Thanks for that. I don’t know how he escaped but he always was a shifty bugger.

  9. i gotta freekin’ link – thats my first one and nobody reads the damn thing at this time of night…. ah for Gods sake!!

    yipeeeeeeeeee! yipidy freekin doo dah what? think i’ll pop over to darrens blog… even better darraghs blog…

    oh no- i’m just a top commentator – in between the calender and the top dog blogger award… i’ll probably be gone by tomorrow…


  10. if not the a list maybe the k list……… 50 lids though……thats for ArthurJ. and I don’t see any other diff.

  11. the k list? its times like these I wonder why I ever decided to start ever designing gardens…

    i’m goin’ to find a bungalow and jump off the lowest window ledge… [!!]

    Arthur G – [i said G not J by the way no offence]!! where are you when i need you most

  12. If anyone wants a link, just let me know. I will give it careful consideration, before rejecting it out of hand.
    I would ask, but I’m in “Top Commentators” anyway 😛

  13. The “A-List” kind of made me cringe, just by title alone.

    So yay. Or some such expression of mild delight.

  14. You’re very handy at fixing things even without Ron’s help.

    I got registered for that Woprah thingy which tells you what your readers had for breakfast and other such stuff, but you have to put some code or something somewhere so I left it in the box of things that need to be fixed sometime. (I could have done with it on Sunday – somebody in Greystones went through 200 pages of my stuff – I wanted to know who it was and what it was they were looking for!)

  15. Bring back the A-List ones, but only put me in it… in fact put individual links to each one of my posts into it!

    Who won last months blog award?

  16. Aw damnit!! There are something like 1,000 links coming to here. I don’t know how many are blogrolls, but……..

    By rights I should put in all the blogs on my Feed Reader, but there are over 100 there!

    BBB – Bock did.

  17. Funny…..I don’t see any traveling lingerie represented on your blog roll. Hmmmm, must be some kinda oversight.

  18. @Grandad “Is there one that writes posts?” I wish!!! What we need is to invent some sort of telepathic helmet that’ll allow us to transmit post via our thoughts while working or doing some other meaningless task. That could be a bad thing though! 🙂

  19. Hmm.. looking at that blogroll and trying to figure out what’s missing..



  20. kerryview,

    my apologies at least you kerry and list go together. i’m only in a list temporarily. a mere spectator. And when the question is put to Grandad he just uses expletives. Even the mention of a magic helmet is discarded as mere poppey-cock.

    start a revolution were a bicycle helmet grandad and change the a list to the k list! c’mon sarkozy we’re waiting for you… [vote yes by the way]


  21. My dear insomniac Grandad..
    Lack of sleep has made you quite power mad.
    No euros from me…
    We don’t have them you see..
    Just pounds here – isn’t that sad!!!! 😉

  22. Gracias senor!
    I’ll take that as a compliment!
    p.s. the chicken was delicious – what do you recommend for today?

  23. I do hope Sandy is not reading this!!!!
    After the exploits of last weekend (have you not read about it?) I think the leg meat might be a bit tough – and there’s no meat on the rest of her – not even a tail to stew!

  24. Well, it was sweet of you to offer, Grandad… even tho my grandparents are from Tipperary and Roscommon, not Kerry, do you think you could link to my site? I’m an utter novice (can’t even figure out how to get the damn RSS feed link working to other sites) but I’ve enjoyed your ascerbic humor for a while. It’d be great to get a couple of visitors to my site, as I launch into the blogosphere! Ta!

  25. Cathy – It doesn’t matter where you come from. I even have a Redneck or two from the Southern States in there, and an Australian Convict. Mind you, as I pointed out, I can’t link to everyone who reads this but I like your site. 😉

  26. Thanks, Grandad! It sounds like I’m in great company… I shall enjoy it! 😉 [flapping her wings in the new heights of the blogosphere…]

  27. “I even have a Redneck or two from the Southern States in there…” Quit talkin’ ’bout me! 🙂 Who’s the other redneck?

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