Staff problems — 12 Comments

  1. At least the guy speaks English (sort of). My Polish cleaning woman doesn’t, and she charges much more than a “fiver,” too.

  2. It does look a lot clearer when I type it out. Believe me, I had to struggle to understand. It isn’t a question of paying them more, as that would imply employment. Herself just grabs them at random off the street, and usually they consider themselves lucky to get away. The fiver is a bonus.

  3. Mmmmm could the ‘mad lady’ find a young gorgeous Spanish male and send him over here for me – I have just the cupboard for him to live in!!! And the added bonus of someone to practice my Spanish with…. very nice

  4. yesterday i was thinking that herself could come live in the big house with me while you had the apartment…but now i don’t know, before i knew it, no telling what she would have me cleaning 🙂

  5. I think she needs a bit of “re-programming”. They all should get to roam free without being captured for our benefit 🙁

  6. Kate – I’ll put it to her. For some reason we don’t get that many Spaniards around here, but I’ll tell her to keep here eyes open.

    Prin – Do you have a death wish? Have you a good aim with a baseball bat?

    TheChrisD – Re-programming is out of the question. She is hard wired at this stage in her life. Anyway I wouldn’t dare try.

  7. the more eccentric or more crochity a person is, the better i seem to get along with them. besides sounds like she really wants the move and is getting ready for it. i think there must be method to her madness 🙂 oh, and i do have a bat i use regularly around here, swatting at kids, cats and various other critters 🙂

  8. Prin – It sounds like a match made in heaven. You take her to Tuscany [she always wanted to go there] and I’ll stick with France. This sounds ideal! Just watch out for the frying pan…..

  9. I wonder Grandad, is that how she got you! Your tale reminds me of the old Monty Python sketch where the woman’s bedroom was full of kidnapped mailmen.

  10. TT – She got me in an off-guard moment in a drunken state. She was different in those days though. About six years later, she turned into her mother.

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