Be Nice to Americans Day — 21 Comments

  1. that’s a great idea!! here where I am in kerry there are loads of americans – golfers! A good reason to visit my local in the next hour or so. The golfers should be back around six for grub, and I should be just about ready for them……what part of america are you from ? hic

  2. No need to ruin the greens. The nicest thing to say about them is that they don’t stay long. One pint of Kilkenny and good luck. Still, be nice to Americans. Homeland Security probably reads this. I wonder if that triggers some computer deep in USland?

  3. Kerry – I don’t think they do. I nuked Chicago recently and they never realised it was me. [They kept very quiet about it, actually?]

    Robert – ‘Fraid so. Time flies when you’re having fun…..

  4. I forgot yea, 4th of July, the day the Americans liberated us from the Alien Invaders. if my history is correct , and I believe it is.

  5. I’d like to say more, but I have to drive my Japenese car to get it filled with Arab oil so later I can set of some fireworks made in China to celebrate our independance with some friends from Mexico.

  6. Irish-American, American-Irish, thank God for the Irish: subtle sanity, overt happiness, underlying morose, and not a one a skiver? “There is no sin except stupidity” Oscar Wilde, Poet!

  7. same pastime as usual then ….. just that you are only singling out the American tourists today!!! Happy 4th of July!

  8. i must go out and celebrate…. ye haw
    nice comment Jim –
    grandad – have you nothing else better to write about ?!!
    [i think you should do the one! you know the thing… do it!]
    wheres darren these days

  9. They come to find their ancestors, i think it’s extremely kind of you to help them.

  10. 😆

    Sorry for the lack of replies. I have been “busy” all day helping Americans find their ancestors. There is going to be quite a party in the Afterlife tonight 😈

  11. I wonder what it would look like if you took a picture of America from space tonight? Would the sky be filled with flashes from fireworks?

  12. You’ve got it all wrong! You should bash us, while we are distracted with booze and pretty fireworks. 🙂

  13. I meant to add that you should have ordered an “Americana” at the coffee shop since it was the 4th! 🙂

    I think I’m ahead of Brian on the Top Commentators list!

    Yesssss!!! 🙂

  14. Well Grandad, I did go to the pub as promised yesterday. But there no americans although I still drank Guinness in their honour. It seems that there are much fewer golfers here this year. The locals say it’s the dollar and election year in the US. Since they are Kerrymen (and I’m not) they must be right.
    Even a local non-member can book a tee time now. But I don’t play.

  15. JD -“I think I’m ahead of Brian on the Top Commentators list!“.. no you’re not!

    Kerry – It has nothing to do with the dollar or elections. It has everything to do with the successful campaign to cull them.

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