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  1. Sounds rough back home, it’s been bloody lovely here.

    Just focus on the wine and the champers, that’ll get you through.

  2. Xbox – Don’t rub it in! We had one good spell in May and that was it. Ever since, there has been a queue of low pressures out in the Atlantic waiting to dump their load on me. We have heavy rain and thunder today. Strong winds are forecast [and lots more rain]. I really am pissed off with it.

  3. What gets me is how quickly it changes. You turn your back for thirty seconds and the clouds muscle in and open up.

    Whereabouts in France is that? It looks lovely.

  4. That was in the Lot region near Rocamadour and Gramat. It is an incredibly scenic area. This year we are a little further east in Sarlat, in the Dordogne region.

  5. Ugh. Am jealous. No holidays for us and this darned weather is so depressing. Two bored kids who can’t get outside are doing my head in too. Come on, sunshine…

  6. just back from caherdaniel with red legs burnt while fishing off the rocks. the damp weather loves my baby courgettes and sweet corn. maybe it’s ireland. maybe with a recession. wtf. if it wasn’t for the tabs and the fact they only costs 90 e a month (thanks to CJ), I’d be rusting too.
    My flag should be Irish !!! why UK not ROI. I live and type in Kerry!

  7. whats with the flag??? I can assure everyone I live in ROI as they call it on my corn flake box. and Kerry at that

  8. Was just thinking the same thing this morning as I third-geared my way to work along the MFuckin50. Gotta get meself out of this shithole of a country and its absolutely lamentable weather, if only for a while.

    You’re reading my mind Grandad. Be careful though, there’s some weird stuff in there as well.

  9. E Mum – Knowing my luck, you’ll have a heatwave when I’m away [but there will be storms in France].

    Welcome, Kerryview!! Ah! Good old Caherdaniel! Many’s the pint I have enjoyed there…. As for your UK flag? Probably down to whoever you connect to the Interweb with? I believe you anyway, but I can’t speak for the others..

  10. It’s as if the rain has been coming down every day for ages now – not that it affects me all that much, since I stay indoors all of the time 😛

    @kerry: It’s probably your ISP resolving to somewhere in the UK.

  11. damn, now anytime I comment to grandad I have a UK ID. it’s my sat broadband. no landlines at my gaff up the mountain. thnc grandad & TheChrisD

  12. Terence – I have a knack for mind reading, but have been deliberately steering clear of yours. I don’t want to end up Back Inside again….

    Kerry – My daughter K8 the GR8 has the same problem. Half the time she’s in the UK and half the time, here.

  13. I’ve just returned from the sun, glad to be back to the cold nights and some decent sleep!

  14. Roy – Thanks for reminding me. The one thing I don’t like about the heat is trying to sleep. I like a nice cold bed. 😐

  15. Mid 80’s and sunny here.
    Shorts, sandals and a T-shirt is the uniform of the day.
    Last week we had thunderstoms roll through every evening…
    just to cool things down a bit.
    All my windows are open and I have a fan running.
    I’m just sayin’….ya’ know.

  16. Yes France is definately sunnier than where you are now (and me too here in the thundery Neths.) and at least they eat snails instead of wasps, which is much more civilized and less spicey – and they wash them down with lotsa wine too! Heck, they wash everything down with lotsa wine. Hope the French weather stays nice for you GD!

  17. Brianf – You love rubbing salt in the wound. Don’t ya?!

    Geri – I keep telling our Sandy not to eat wasps; that they are too hot and spicey. It doesn’t stop her trying though.

    Wine? Hmmmmmmmm…….

  18. Well perhaps you could apply the wine directly to your mildewed, damp and rusting extremeties? It will probably do a better job used that way, than all these so-called sun screens they’re suddenly finding out don’t work(!)

  19. Nine weeks you say. I shall be on vacation in Florida then. I sure as hell would rather be in France. Bur ‘er indoors insists.

  20. I do have to wonder about the French streets where they have had to rehang the doors to open inward instead of outward. If they opened outward they would hit passing cars. France is nice to visit, but after about two weeks I am ready to head back home. I used to think Ireland might be nice to visit. It still might be if I avoid a certain village.

    The flags are interesting. From home I get the USA Stars and Stripes, from work I get the French Tricolor even though I work for a Swiss company. Our ISP is French and most of our production facilities are across the border in the French Alps.

  21. Ok, lots oging on here including our Grandad being uber-organised. 9 weeked away to the France trip!! I booked my holiday last night and I’m off next week, and I figured I’ve buckets of time.
    Ooh Geri, where are wasps a delicacy? Like, with the sting included? Yum!
    On the subject of the weather, I come home early to watch wimbledon and …. it’s bucketing rain over there too 🙁

  22. Hi Charmed – where are wasps a delicacy? Not sure but apparently Sandy likes them…(?) Or perhaps she’s just protecting Grandad from them.

    Grandad, where did you get that big French hornet from? Do you collect them in case you want to ever photograph them for your blog!!?

  23. Trouble with rural France is that it’s chocablock with attractive middle-aged Englishwoman painters on their bicycles. There’s one on every corner and the collision rate is abominable because they’re all gazing at the corn-flower blue sky, clutching baguettes and thinking of their next poem. As you lie bleeding from a mortal bicycle wound, take comfort in the fact that the scene of your death probably presents a picturesque, rustic and perhaps even comic spectacle for the other ladies to paint. You just can’t get that kind of charm with an SUV accident.

  24. Ever thought of learning the language Grandad? Its never too late and think of all the fun you could have!!!!
    If you want to learn Spanish I can help – but French – well…. I can’t remember half of my schoolgirl stuff – so probably no help for this holiday!

  25. . . . our winter is warmer than your summer . . .*gloat* . . .hehehehehehehehe! We speak English (sort of) And no wasps!

  26. Well come on over to the States in New Jersey it’s in the 90’s and very sunny.

  27. well, it’s BOILING where I am right now – I’m sweating and it’s damn humid too. Prob because I have d’heating on full blast, just had your recommended Vindaloo for medicinal reasons and my raincoat is drying out after getting lashed upon in Tallaght today. I blame the politicians.

  28. On a heightened rebellious note, I propose we gather up and go invade the Azores [where our summer weather fronts ended up last year like baggage from Heathrow] and simply raid the place. They are simply chancing it again this year. Take all their jobs and houses and send them over here. I’m happy to lead but we need ammo and a reputable quarter-master…Grandad?

  29. Sam – You can keep your middle-aged English women. I prefer chasing the mademoiselles around the market square.

    Kate – I’m too old to be learning anything like that. French is the only subject where I never passed a single exam in my life. I get by though. I don’t think Marcel Marceau could speak it either…

    Baino – You and Brianf are a right pair – you always have to come in with a gloat.

    Maureen – Thanks for the invite. I’d love to [I already have an invite to Palm Springs!]. The trouble is that America is probably even more full of Americans than France is of French?

    Spag – Great idea. I would question your qualities as a leader though, if you would relegate someone of my undoubted talent and experience to mere quartermaster???

  30. You are never too old sir!! I have just passed my second Spanish exam!….. and I’m the oldest in my class – sometimes we just have to show these youngsters what we are capable of!

  31. Kate – Congratulations! What amazed me was that [as I said] I was hopeless at French in school, and quit it as soon as I could, but when I first set foot in France about thirty years later, I was actually able to communicate. We would love to go, as with the house prices here/in France, we could afford a lovely place and still have a fortune to spare. The trouble is that I’d miss the pub, and my pint of Guinness.

  32. I know – I looked at Spain last year – two friends have moved to the valleys of the Sierra Nevada and live among the Spanish in a little village – its beautiful but very remote and the roads are worse than Swindon. Then we visited my partner’s sister over in Murcia – still Spain but pretending to be Britain – English pubs, shops… everything!
    I couldn’t bear it….. so I don’t think I’ve found my niche yet but maybe there is a place out there for me….
    My brother has sold his house and moved to Tenerife – Toria and I visited them in May, but again, I think I would get bored easily…. even with my Spanish skills!

    Guinness? I have forgotten what a decent pint is like – its years since I’ve been home.. and its not good over here!

  33. I would hate to live in a place that was a cultural ghetto. Apart from the Guinness, I would also miss my friends here. My roots are too deep. Anyway, we are having one of our one-day summers here today – blue skies and very warm. It’s lovely.
    It is going to lash rain tomorrow, and very strong winds are forecast. *sigh*

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