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  1. I keep a spare pair of jocks beside the PC…… just in case one arrives while I’m there

  2. Lottie – Not in the slightest! I’m just wondering when she’ll hit 30,000. 😮

    Roy – Go on out of that. And when you’re getting 30,000 per post, you won’t get any sympathy then either.. 😆

  3. John B – Average around 20 lately, which always surprises me considering the crap I write, and a record of around 100. That last one was Stumbled, and has received thousands of hits….

  4. Hmmm, I’d count myself lucky to get 1 per post.

    Admittedly I’m not up to much at the moment – but before the monkey organisation required a consultant to develop and re-develop reports they later decided they didn’t really need -1 a day would have been positively epic!

  5. Oh, she’s famous, though; she’s the one who got fired for blogging about work.

    I never get comments 🙁

  6. Jaysus! She almost has more comments on that one post than I have gathered from all of my post in three years…! Does she do anything original? No, she’s just famous. 🙂

    Comments are just icding on the cake to the friends we make. It really shouldn’t be about comments, but yeah, I like them! 🙂

  7. Feck, I just realised that I’m not on the “Top Commentators” list! Ah well, I can’t have it all. 🙂

  8. Holy fuck.

    I wouldn’t like that many comments. There’s a limit to the people you can fling abuse at without getting exhausted.

  9. She has well and truly crashed the 30,000 barrier anyway!

    I’m afraid I don’t have five Wiis to give away. I don’t have one Wii to gave away. I blame the prostate.

    JD – Spot on about the icing on the cake. Comments aren’t half as important as the vast income I earn from this site.
    *slaps self on head and goes to take more medication*

  10. I got 22 on a post about women liking men who smell nice.

    The nice thing was, only about 18 of them were my own.

    That was a great day.

    Can I have a Wii?

  11. Terence – Men should smell of sweat and cow shit. So you keep commenting on your own site using different names? Fair enough. No, You can’t have a Wii. I don’t have any….

  12. Sweet zombie jebus! That is the mother lode of comments!

    I think we should all attempt to beat that record here.. See how long it would take to kill your server 😉

  13. Robert – Fair enough. Let’s go for it. 16 down, 29,984 to go. I think we’ll all be dead before the server……………..

  14. – Not really.
    – Yes.
    – Mostly.
    – Most of the time.

    But 30,000 comments? That’s more than the number of pageviews I’ve got since October December last year…

  15. TheChrisD – She’s heading for 32,000 now. She should break 35,000. She probably has more content in there now than I have in my entire blog site.

  16. yup, with that many comments (they can’t all be attracted by words like ‘win’ or ‘free’, surely) she definatley bases the fame mark. Where does the fame point start? It is at 10 comments, 100, 200, 500…. ?

  17. God knows. I would be worried about that kind of traffic. She must be getting a couple of hundred thousand hits a day at this rate. My poor old Tandon 386 that hosts this site wouldn’t be able to cope!

  18. Do you get many comments on your blog site? No

    Do you have a little moment of excitement if a comment arrives? Oh hell yes.

    Do you reply to the comments? Yes, usually.

    Do you reply to them individually? Yes, usually.

    Now how do you feel about your own? Adequate.

  19. The Dooce is the Coca Cola of pro bloggers.
    But that figure is amazing, I’ve not had that many comments from people in real life.

    I pity whoever clicked ‘subscribe to comments’

    I’m getting 40-50 fairly consistently, but i “think” they are of a decent quality, not so many ‘LOL’s etc, but actual help that I’m looking for, some have been priceless even. I try to reply to every single one.

  20. Hmm, I’m getting anywhere between 10 and 30, depending on what load of drivel I’m gabbing on about. I love it when my commenters have little chats amongst themselves, and I ALWAYS reply to every single one. Only polite. Mind you, I’d struggle with 30k. I’ve got a Wii. In fact, I’ve got a kitchen floor full. My new puppy is seeing to that.

  21. Dooce is a quite famous blogger here in the U.S. As a matter of fact, I left a comment on her blog as I want to win a Wii. I enjoy this notblog as well, and I will try to comment often.

  22. I was thrilled to bits when my erm, blog (sorry!) hit the 20 mark for comments. And that was mostly just Darragh, Darren and Lottie talking shite.
    I do try to respond to them all, but I yearn for the day when it’s logistically impossible.

  23. Grandad…dooce is my favourite American blog. Have you read any of her responses regarding the negative email she gets? She is hilarious…and kills those poor suckers with kindness.

    She is bright…her wee girl is a living doll, and she talks about things that everyone can relate to.

    You and she are my first stops every day.

  24. Get comments, like comments, respond to comments, love it when I get newcomers as well but any more than 25 and I’m struggling. What’s the point of having thousands, you can’t possibly respond unless you’re full time on the job. I like my ‘select’ few . . .a lot!

  25. That must be all kinds of records she’s broken, right there.

    I almost always respond individually to my commenters because I’m so damned grateful to see anybody at all reading the arsedribble I post and very often reading and responding to the comments can be more fun than writing the post itself.

  26. Comments? I thought I was doing pretty good just getting my readership past the “faithful 3” mark. I’m up to about 12 now. Woo-hoo!

    There’s got to be some slack cut for those of us who didn’t know blog etiquette (responding to comments) for over a year once we started blogging. I stumbled onto that by accident, reading someone else’s post about comments. “Well, crap, something else I’m supposed to do. Not enough just to be in silent agreement, eh?”

    I’m still learning this by trial and error. Mostly error.

  27. I usually only get a handful. Occasionally I get none at all. My record, by a large margin, is 38.

    However, the first blog I ever read belonged to Kathy Sierra of Creating Passionate Users fame. I was a reader of her blog before I even realised that it was a blog. In fact, before I even knew what a blog was. Her comments regularly ran into the several hundreds. She responded to as many as she could, but inevitably was unable to get back to all.

    Sadly, she was subjected to a campaign of such vicious cyberbullying of a sort that could be termed cyber-rape that she went into hiding and became a physical and virtual recluse. A great loss! I keep my subscription to her blog open in the hope that she will one day feel able to return.

  28. i dont think your last post should have got any comments just after kate mentioned ‘moody blues’ and dr hook…. I sat on the stairs for an hour anyway

  29. Oh damnit! I can’t respond to every individual post.

    There are a few new faces here…. Welcome, one and all. 🙂

    I like to comment individually, because people have gone to the trouble of writing so the least I can do is respond. I love the comments, as they are frequently better than the original post.

    Of course occasionally you get someone who doesn’t appreciate the Moody Blues, but we just ignore them and pity their lack of taste in music.

    I have been lucky in that I have rarely had any comments that caused me concern. I have only had to block a couple of readers who were insisting on promoting their own irrelevant and weird ideas. I always warn them in advance though, and give them another chance. I also had some trouble with a reader or two who insisted on sending me irritating stuff privately, which really pissed me off. I just blocked their email addresses on the server. 😈


  30. I get an average of 2, and my highest ever was 20.

    I like to think it’s cos I’m hip and underground and indie and all. A nice bit of denial never hurts.

  31. E Mum – You’re behaving yourself now? 😉

    BB – That is because you run an elite and erudite site. You only get the best. Even I’m not good enough…………

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