When the wheel stops turning — 34 Comments

  1. Good to see you back on form!

    I have great difficulty holding on till Kilbeggan but the hubbie refuses to stop in Kilcock! 😆

  2. The man responsible must have been russian the job, instead of czeching what he was doing. Perhaps if it was around lunchtime and he was hungary for a greecey lunch.

    The general manager must have been sweden with anger when he saw the damage though.

    Anyway, probably best I finnish with this gag before it becomes total turkey.

  3. Too right Longman Oz – always happens with these old wheels, they should greece it more often.

  4. Flirty – Pub? It’s a distillery! They don’t have drink?!

    Surely no one can be a worse punner than Longman or Geri?

  5. Oman! I thought norway was there anyone else as bad as me. If that is the lay of thailand though, I will have to polish my act further.

  6. Sudanly everyone is at this. Ghana have to step up to denmark and peru’s my memory to myanmar puns. That said, with the weekend fast approaching though, I need togo.

  7. Bahrain hurts now. Sorry all – but I’m the big Egypt for not getting me Punjabs…

  8. Ah Gramps, ’tis lovely to see you back on form. Loved the post. A great Finnish. Hee.

  9. I just returned from Ireland and I would like to thank you for sparing me! Although- In Cork, someone did hurl a beer can at me. Was that you?

  10. It was full and unopened! After picking it up and thanking the kind man for tossing me a beer, I passed a homeless man whose face was split open from cheek to brow… It was a perfect circle. Truly a sad sight.

  11. Oh you Irish! Always being mean to folks from other countries. Here in the states if you want to mess up the works you just throw a wench into it.
    Where did Maryland? I don’t know but Alaska.

  12. Danny – I never throw a full beer can unless it’s Budweiser. It’s the only thing that gnat’s piss is good for.

  13. PUNJABS – get the vaccine now. Iran a support group for Syria’s punners once. I’m Ghana revive it for Utah attend. Bit of a Cuba.

  14. Grandad, you know those old water wheel things are pretty dangerous. You should be glad you didn’t get your Dingle Penninsula stuck in there. If you did, you would have been Corked because you know the only way to stop them is to ring the Belfast. Geez after all that you would have had a nasty case of useless Wicklow, not to mention you would look like a Munster.

  15. Dubai me a bottle or two next time you’re in Kilbeggan, won’t you Grandad? I’m china think of more puns but don’t want to go out on a complete turkey.

    shit, keep making typos, I need to use spellczech

  16. Like it Andrew.

    Grandad – I’m a bit shy – but that doesn’t stop me offering my condolences. Bereavement is a tough station. iTunes and hard liquor help but never heal 🙂 Good luck

  17. *lol* on the blog & *lol* on the comments… soylent green keeps on coming back to haunt me ..hehehehehe

  18. Grandad we keep sending Dubya over there but he keeps coming back.With your unending battle against tourism all i can ask is “why”? Are you losing your touch?

  19. I am never, ever visiting you in Ireland. You, however, are welcome in Palm Springs anytime. Bring your money.

  20. @brianf – Like it! We have a similar one here in north Dublin that a grandparent (no, not that one!) taught me:

    – Why did Malahide?

    – Because he saw Skerries Rush with Swords to Killester.

    @June – that is a hilarious comment. That said, people (probably!) should not take Grandad’s talk of killing tourists too italy.

    I will ukraine from further puns now.

    (Yeah right!)

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