Party poopers — 10 Comments

  1. No comments…is this a record?

    Sorry to be a party pooper and spoil the fun 😉

    I see you’re twiddling the header again.

    “Rambling around in Grandad’s head” 💡

  2. Regarding this decision to exclude old Johnny, the real reason for his annoyance was that he apparently could not get his head around what “deciding something” meant. He then went off to seek the 67% consensus of his party on what tie to wear to work that day.

    There’s a shred of hope for the other two yet, by the way!

  3. Steph – I try, but someone always has to scribble. I’m moving Grandad up Google’s rankings!!

    Longman -I can understand that. He got confused when he heard there was to be no mention of incinerators or bicycles.

  4. Grandad,
    Is your John Gormley like our “environmentalists” where everything is bad for the environment and to hell with the people and how their agenda can adversely effect the people that work the hardest and pay the most in taxes? The “spotted owl” may be important but so is feeding the kids so when they go to school their rumbling of the stomach doesn’t distract from learning. Sorry, I guess a nerve was hit!

  5. John O – The story behind Gormless is a sad one. Briefly – The Green Party canvassed on an anti-government stance. They got the votes because the people wanted the government out. Unfortunately the government got back in and took on Gormless in coalition [he suddenly forgot his principles!]. He was given a ministry and is now going berzerk passing stupid laws about incandescent light bulbs and things.

  6. Cheers for the image of John Gormley in a frilly lace frock that is now imbedded firmly in my cranium as I head to bed. Seriously, cheers Grandad.

  7. Andrew – You’re welcome. Sweet dreams!

    Flirty – You have to feel sorry for him though? Just a little bit?

    E Mum – I presume he doesn’t have Bertie’s old budget for makeup and the like. Should I tell him about

  8. Straight away. Let Aphrodite loose on him with her concealer and soon he’ll be…er…marginally less ugly?

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