The Minefield of the Web — 14 Comments

  1. Maybe they’ll ask you to redesign it for them.

    Why did Firefox call their new browser Minefield, aren’t minefields supposed to be bad things. Think I’ll stick to v2 for the moment.

    Vive la France!

  2. You’re lucky Firefox 2 worked, I can’t get our holiday company’s site to move beyond the homepage without switching to Internet Explorer (spit).

    I am seriously lost trying to use Linux on my little eee – there’s all sorts of stuff about roots and bins that means nothing to me – I tried downloading Real Player twice but can’t find it anywhere. It should be called ‘Minefield’!

  3. Maybe after reading your survey’s insightful list of noncompliance they will give you a free stateroom upgrade. I recently heard about a fellow flying who got upgraded out coach and even out of first class. He spent the flight seated in WC. I wonder if the ferry has an unused head?

  4. Minefield rocks! 🙂 I was on a Irish site recently trying to order some “Real” Guinness. It kept popping up an error, stating, “Feck off ‘Merkan, you’re not allowed on this site”. 🙂

    I miss Guinness and Bulmer’s but to a lesser extent!!! 🙂

  5. You’ve got a San Franciscan to pay for your jollies?

    I want a San Franciscan too!

  6. How ferry annoying (as is this pun)! Win the trip after ruining their pat-us-on-the-back-please marketing exercise? Hah! Its the soph rather than the posh treatment for you on that journey, grandpere!

  7. Charmed – Only if I get en ENORMOUS fee and free trips for life!! And I have no idea why they called it Minefield. It is a very strange name!!

    Ian – I have no sympathy with anyone who buys an EEE. Toys for boys. I’ll teach you Linux in return for Eternal Salvation [and that is the lowest price I can offer].

    Jim C – I’m actually expecting a cancellation email any minute. As soon as they read what I wrote…..! Our cabin has an en-suite, so I’ll probably end up sleeping there.

    JD – “It kept popping up an error, stating, “Feck off ‘Merkan, you’re not allowed on this site”
    That was no error. Our sites are intelligent.

    Sam – You have changed your name? It is easy getting credit cards off San Franciscans. All you have do do is go through their pockets after you’ve shot them.

    L Oz – I’m the only one allowed to do bad puns here.

  8. If I do not heed this warning, do you try and seek punitive damages from me?

    Don’t worry though. I’ll try and mind my Ps & Os! Its just that they can roll on to the page without me necessarily thinking about them. Should this happen, I hope that you won’t harbour any resentment about it!

  9. L Oz – You are sailing very close to the wind here. The tide of my tolerance may turn at any moment and you will find yourself keel hauled.

  10. Aye, aye Captain. I will change tack so and it can all be plain sailing between us again.

  11. Web development is not an exact science. Our practice (as is the practice of most web development companies) is to develop for Firefox (being the most standards-compliant) then tweak for Safari, Explorer etc. I haven’t had a chance to get into Minefield yet, but you can’t fault someone for not developing exactly to “standards” when there isn’t (wasn’t? – like I said, I still have to test Minefield out) a single browser that was fully standards-compliant. We can only work with what we have, not with what we wish we had.

    Also – Minefield isn’t even at pre-release stage. It’s entirely possible that the problems you experienced were due to bugs in Minefield.

    Disclaimer from the mozilla home page:
    Warning: This is NOT A FINAL OR PRE-RELEASE VERSION. This program is provided without any guarantees of stability, so please use it at your own risk. It is recommended that you back up your profile regularly, as there may be bugs that corrupt your data.

  12. Caro – Woops! I hope you had nothing to do with the site in question? 😉

    I know all about web development not being an exact science!!!

    My [technical] criticisms of the site –

    It doesn’t validate to W3C standards at all [no Doctype].

    I hate Flash!!!

    Worst of all – it uses Javascript for navigation which is a HUGE error in my book. It is this that is causing it to fail as they are using an incorrect DOM. Even apart from the DOM error, what about people who have Javascript disabled? 10% on estimate?

    I appreciate that Minefield is pre-pre-release, but the issues that are being addressed at the moment are essentially housekeeping ones. I have been using it for months now and find it excellent. It is fast, stable and in general, the only sites it complains about are the ones designed [exclusively?] for Internet Explorer.

  13. No, I had nothing to do with it at all, all our sites are based in Italy 🙂

    If its the site I think it is, you’re right about the doctype. And you’re right about them using Javascript for the menu. However, the percentage of users with Javascript disabled is lower than 10% (about 6% according to W3Schools), still not an excuse though.

    I see hardly any flash, just the odd banner.

  14. Caro – Thank God for that!

    It is probably the same site. They are using Flash for part of their menuing system. I notice too the the total size of their index page is 500Kb which gives an estimated 104 seconds on dial-up!!

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