A life on the ocean wave — 18 Comments

  1. Malcolm keeps telling me his dream is to retire on a houseboat, wonder if he wants to collect it…as long as he keeps the colour I might say yes LOL 😉

  2. You’d certainly be noticed! Looks like a Barbie boat or something from Penelope Pitstop! It would make a perfect addition to a children’s playground!

  3. Natalie – Now is his chance. This fine craft is there for the taking – literally! All he need do is arrange transportation and set aside a few bob for refurbishment. I would hate to see such a fine craft destroyed.

    Baino – You are spot on. It would be great if some business could finance bringing it to a playground somewhere!

  4. I was looking for a place to stay. I just have to find somewhere to put it. 🙂

  5. I like big boats and I cannot lie
    You other bruthas can’t deny
    When a boat sails in with such itty bitty grace
    And its pink paint in my face…

    And i fucking love Rosie and Jim, cheers for the clip.

    While i’m here and being annoying, I’d love it if you would visit my blog and read my latest post. As someone who’s just knocked out a book, I’d love to know what your thoughts on literary self-consciousness are.
    Thank you, shameless self-promotion over.

  6. Jefferson – The Grand Canal?

    Andrew – Literary self-consciousness? Ouch!

    Roy – I presume you have a color monitor? Did you see the photographs? Did I need to say it was pink? You can always buy a tin of paint?

  7. ooo-ooooohhh! I love that boat! I hope it finds a happy home!

  8. how quick does this need to be moved and how hard is it going to be to move?? pm if needed.

  9. right, just had a look into it, and realised how big the boat is and its quite a job to move it. so I think im out, as the only bloke who could move it for me is not around for another month. but this boat shouldnt be skipped some-one must want it.

  10. Johnny,

    easier than you think… [then again i would say that?!!] not a wind up this is serious sh eye t bosco and its about to hit the fan…


    ps grandad rock and roll?!!

  11. ah darren at least its not the pink panther…. go on hum it in your head you know… de dum.. de dum….

    hope that helps…!?!!

  12. A Chara Grandad,
    just wanted to say a massive thank you to you and all of your readers. The reponse has been amazing, unbelieveable infact largely due to people like you thak you!

    slán beannacht agus arís go raibh míle maith agat

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