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  1. how about this – if the american economy continues its rate of decline, soon you won’t have any tourists annoying you as they will not be able to afford to. a happy thought, eh?

    also, global warming means that you may have a beach at the bottom of your garden at some point.

    hmm… can’t think of any real happy thoughts. it’s a great day outside today but I’m stuck inside looking out at it.

  2. They used to drown kittens when I was a kid – has shooting become the preferred form now?

  3. ok i’m not one for people who leave ‘buy my product’ style 1800-illuminous fondu sets leave a link as a message post comment etc. But I think my pink boat video should cheer you up maybe or maybe that might fall into the metrosexual man-bag arguement again! I don’t even like fondu sets and for the record I dont put my laptop in the laptop bag… just my man things like a compass and a magnifying glass

  4. My, but aren’t your hands nicely manicured, Grandad. I’ll need the name of your nail bar.

  5. ha ha… mná hands grandma.. and after all your time slagging off darren. how did you see his hands MUM?

  6. Aren’t yiz all a right load of smart arses? I got Herself to hold the gun so I could take the photo. Does that answer your question???

    Kae – You have depressed me further. I want a strong Dollar = plenty of tourists = plenty of fun.

    Emordino – I came across that Manbabies site before. It is vaguely unsettling!

    Peter – I actually watched the video yesterday. A lot of hard work, and fair play. I don’t know why you bothered though – it won’t sail very far?

    Niall – Now you’re on the right track!

  7. Daddy P – I’m begining to think you’re right. Normally I like animals but he is too fucking cute. 👿

  8. try listening to the mammas and the pappas and just dream of mamma kass! that’ll cheers you right up grandad… ps howcome darren is so quiet?

    pps. it wont sail very far but its bigger than yours

    ppss. i can always put it on top of a bigger boat

    pppss what about playing golf with the neighbours dog again

  9. pppppsssss thanks again for watching the video any chance you can you get your muggles off my blog page… i tried with your lovely soft man hands [nice one mum] are upsetting the other gardeners
    slán agus go raibh míle maith agat

  10. Peter – You have me on overload. I will try and answer in sequence.

    Don’t have any Mammas and Pappas records, though that would be nice [not sure about dreaming of Mamma Cass though].

    Darren is so quiet because he has gone to buy a divine new outfit.

    How do you know it’s bigger than mine?

    Yes. Mine. I need a liferaft.

    I never played golf with the neighbour’s dog. I play tennis with my own, and I play golf with dog shit. Now there’s an idea for later……..

    If you are referring to my elegant visage on your website, it can but enhance the theme, with my handsome rustic charm. I have just visited again, so it’s back again. *heh*

  11. grandads been smoking angel dust again and you’re right i stand corrected it was dog shit.

    Guess what you’re also right you mug is still on my blog – although i cant get mine on yours?!!?!

    an elegant vase rather than visage would be preferable. as for handsome rustic charm? my arse
    happy friday! going to the park to look at trees and pink boats [ppppssss why didnt you leave a comment to cheer me up when you visited after all the grapes and lucozade i brought you]

  12. Thrifty – That was good! Sex on Mars?

    Peter – Of course you can’t get your mug on my site – I don’t allow it. You can’t many visitors though – whenever I visit your site, I’m always at the top? I only comment if I have something to say. I was speechless at the time.

    Brianf – The kitten is getting worried.

    Olga – I don’t know how you got dumped as spam. I got myself very mucky dragging you out again. Thanks for the lift!

    TT – Nah! The kitten is getting its last meal.

  13. Go ahead, let the kitten have it. If he didn’t do it, well chances are he would have done something or other sooner or later. Something heinous and unspeakable.
    Line up 10 kitties in a row and you only got one that didn’t do it. Them’s words to live by.

  14. We have wild cats around here. Also feral (once domestic) cats. The coyotes love them. Although they stay well away from the wild cats. I fuckin’ hate all cats.

  15. Sam – You are my kind of person. I have finally cheered up at the prospect of blowing that kitten’s head off.

    TT – I’ll send you a photo afterwards.

  16. Its already tomorrow,for you .. Olga must have been up at the “crack” of dawn to comment.

    Here’s a blog… if ya think life is ruff… its may make you feel better.

    Enjoy !!

    PS – I hate cats, but doing away with the cute kitty using such force is sooooo messy and wasteful. I tiny mallet forcefully tapping the bridge of its nose will work.

  17. Kill the kitty! Kill the kitty! Kill the kitty, they all sing!
    C’mon Grandad…….kill the kitty!

  18. hey Granda,

    what about this for as conspiracy theory… all these comments are really from you under the pseudonym of darren and wonderbra and K8 etc so you’ve really been talking to yourself online but I potentially had memory loss so you could be a figment [not to be confused with pigment] of my imagination and none of us really exist….

    Heres one for you – if there is no such thing as ageism how come I dont get a bus pass

    ps shoot the cat

  19. Shooting a poor ickle kitten, how could you? I always use the humane method – I just stick them in front of breakfast TV and in half an hour they’ve died of brain failure.

    MMM, lovely hands.

  20. Just stick the cat in some tourist luggage,let custom’s handle it. what ever you call your version of homeland security.hell it looks like a terrorist to me.

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