When balls have dropped — 13 Comments

  1. At least you have the moanings off – I mean ‘the mornings off’ – where’s that damned delete button?

  2. Those doggy photos would suggest to me that you are a sentimental old duffer at heart.

  3. Daddy P – Delete button? I don’t know. I don’t use one.

    Nelly – How dare you! I will not have people casting nasturtiums at me.

  4. Surely you deserve some kind of award …. ah I know.

    I hereby award you the first Double Your Entendre Award for most suggestive innuendo in a blog.

  5. Hi Ruth E!

    I could be a right bastard and hide all the balls, but I haven’t the heart. Anyway, she seems to have a private stash of them somewhere!

  6. That you tube vid of the robot ball chucker really is class I remember seeing it before, I am sure with all the tech dudes you hang out with through blogging they could create one for you.

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