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  1. If someone were to come up with a computer program to track global warming, would it be called an “AL-GORE-RYTHEM”?

    I was in the American Navy.. we drove the entire fleet through lots of holes. None of Al’s since nobody knew who he was then, but the same kind of holes from the same kind of guys.

  2. 45 % of Democrats think climate change is a serious threat. 12 % of Republicans think climate change is a serious threat. Says it all for me.

  3. I love cinema and believe fully in moving away from a carbon-based economy. However, I have steadfastly refused to see that film. Along with michael moore, it sounds like polemic piffle that i would be embarrassed having to defend.

    To sort of use a phrase from the film American President (see what i am doing here?!!), these are serious times for serious people and Al Gore’s 15 minutes are up.

  4. Ha! I thought I would be blasted for this post. But there again, it’s Saturday, and who reads blogs on a Saturday?

    How the hell did he whip up such a following???????

  5. I do believe that we are mucking up this magnificent world of ours, but I really don’t think it is as bad as Gore-bal Warning says it is! 🙂

    In America, it is all about self promotion! We have to be conceited in order to compete with the other 303,943,347 (not counting the 10,000 Mexicans that crossed the border while I was writing this.) lunatics! 🙂

  6. Many people maintain they believe in global warming and yes of course they’re doing everything they can to stop it, but when you question them closely and ask them why they’re still flying to Greece or changing their car every three years they get all shifty and embarrassed. In reality they ‘re not really convinced but they think they ought to be because everyone else is.

  7. I watched it a while ago and thought it very dumbed down but then there are some very dumb people who need to be made aware of their contribution to the planet’s decline whether it’s landfill, carbon emissions, poor farming practices, habitat reduction, water wastage, population growth . . . The planet is warming, there’s no doubt about that, whether it’s a natural phenomenan or due to carbon emissions, I don’t think we’ll ever find the truth as both sides (check out The Great Global Warming Swindle DVD) are completely polarised. My take on it is to reduce our impact on the planet in any way we can in the interest of self preservation whether it’s warming or not. Consume less, reduce the population and the excesses to which we have become accustomed. *hops off soapbox*

  8. I’ve heard and read enough, by now, about Al Gore’s famous/infamous film “An Incovenient Truth” that I’ve no desire to rush out and see it. Gore is just another typical product of hyper-materialistic America and therefore not worth paying any serious attention to.

    However, I do believe that Global Warming is a reality which should make us all sit up and pay serious attention to our future, and our childrens’ and grandchildrens’ future.

    The earth’s climate naturally changes over time, slowly and gradually over millenia. But when those climate changes are speeded up – which is what’s happening now, as a direct result of the abnormal wasteful ‘American Dream’ life-styles which most of us live – then humanity as a whole is faced with some very serious problems.

    I’m in the process of moving to Carrantuohill – the highest mountain in Ireland (for those of you who don’t know)!

    Grandad asked: “How did he (Al Gore) whip up such a following????”

    That’s a real easy thing to do with people = like the Catholic Irish and Christian Americans!

  9. Al Gore said “We have given (sic) to the developing countries, the technologies and the ways of thinking, that are creating the crisis.”

    Like the way America IMPOSES its ‘Foreign Policy’ on just about every other country on the planet. Shades of the Catholic Missionaries and their mad notions of what’s good for the rest of humanity: WE know what’s best for YOU!

    – but we don’t know what’s best for ourselves….(sssh, that’s a secret!)

  10. I saw the movie that quite skillfully presented the evidence that the majority of the worlds scientific community believe about the human contribution to world co2 levels and its effect on climate, amongst other stuff about the presenter, Al Gore.

    I dunno what ye lot saw…

  11. OTM – Like most evangelists, he provided one very biased side of a story. There are a hell of a lot of scientists having grave doubts at the moment about Global Warming being man made.

  12. Whether you believe in global warming or not, I believe only good can come when people everywhere begin to think about thoughtless consumerism and, especially here in the U.S., stop using up the majority of the world’s natural resources. When China and India catch up with us, with 2 or more automobiles per household, and a pound of meat at every meal… If Al Gore started the thought processes, then I’m all for it! I’m kind of glad I’m nearing “check out” age, thus not too affected by it in the short run, but I do worry about the grandchildren.

  13. Alice – My thoughts exactly. I have no problem at all with conservation and reducing consumerism. I just wish they would stop throwing the world into a panic about it and introducing daft laws. Here, they have outlawed garden bonfires and the sale of incandescent bulbs, for God’s sake!!

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