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  1. Whoa, I got 3 notices of your post in google reader.No idea if that is over-enthusiasm at your end or mine?

    Are tourists like game, do they have to hang for a while before you can eat them?

  2. Sorry about that. The server is throwing hissy-fits again. I have phoned the plumber and he is on his way.

    Tourists should be hung for a while ideally, but we were running out of trees in the forest to hang ’em from, so we don’t bother now.

  3. I suppose if you get large enough numbers you’ll have to introduce some Myxomatosis style bug to get them back under control. How’s the food in the pub?

  4. EMum – The more the merrier. We have plenty of ammunition. The pub specialty is Hungarian Goulash.

  5. I’m coming to visit this summer. I’m bringing a bunch of my friends. They call themselves the 1st Division / 5th Mechanized Infantry. I have an import application in at the Irish embassy. I’m bringing some M1A1 Abrahms Tanks. I told them they’re just fancy tourist buses. I’m also glad the pub doesn’t serve American hot dogs.

  6. Dear George,

    You and your friends are most welcome. We shall of course lay out a nice reception committee.

    Your ‘buses’ will come in very handy in the future when we advertise that we have added BushBurgers to the menu.


  7. I don’t know how you do it G.D.,you come up with the strangest things.and wouldn’t bush burgers taste, like dead road kill skunk .

  8. You have obviously tried BushBurgers, Popeye. That’s a very good description, but skunkburgers aren’t as tough or thick.

  9. Talking of tourists; when you go on your hols to La Belle I wonder if you are you taking us with you. Can we expect daily reports of your exploits, or must we await your return ?

  10. TT – You can make your own damned arrangements. I’m going over there to get away from you lot!

  11. I’m wondering if you might skip the “die” part as shown in the brochure in my case when I come and visit. That is if the dying part usually takes place shortly after my arrival that is, I have no problem taking care of it when my time comes. I’ll try not to come in a bus but if I have no choice I’ll just fake severe motion sickness and threaten to throw up on the driver’s head if he doesn’t let me off RIGHT NOW!

    Then I’ll walk the rest of the way. And if you happen to have a spare automatic with a couple of clips, I’ll let you know when I plan to arrive and perhaps you could stash said items in a bush or abandoned shed somewhere along the road that I could possible retrieve. Hey, I enjoy shooting tourists as much as you do you know.

  12. Tourists love to go to Ireland to find their ancestors and their roots, if they look for them in your village they are going to find them a lot quicker than they thought.

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