Grandad has shifted — 16 Comments

  1. Grannymar – I’m delighted to hear it. If it looked any different, I’d be worried.

    Robert – I have moved it somewhere. I’m not quite sure where it is now, but it isn’t where it used to be.

  2. Well that super glue has worked wonders !

    Just as well you left the moving until the weekend, as during the week would have been chaos for us all trying to get our daily fixes 😉

  3. Welcome Paul! In fact the removal men were quite slow and it took all of two minutes. Fixing the breakages took longer, but I’ll pack things better the next time. Sure, no one reads this blog anyway……

  4. your pretty prose is still showing up in my reader anyway, Grandad. the rest is just window dressing!

  5. I don’t know the new digs are nice and all but there is an odd vibe here that wasn’t in the old place. Maybe this new place is haunted. You didn’t build over an ancient druid cemetary or anything like that, did ya’?

  6. Rosie – “pretty prose“?? You’re looking at the wrong site again!

    Brianf – I think I may have built on reclaimed land. The foundations seem to be distinctly shaky. I’ll have a word with the builders tomorrow.

  7. New server?
    I was given a heap of fancy wordpress themes on a disc but I’m not keen on changing, I like “node” and readers seem to get upset if you re-decorate too often

  8. Yup. New server. Same old crap.

    I redecorated once before, and may make a slight tweak from time to time, but I am used to this theme now. No other drastic changes planned.

  9. At least you understand some of it. The rest of us have no idea what we’re doing. I have to renew my account shortly and I might as well be looking into a bag of spanners.

  10. Bock – I do? I haven’t a clue what I’m doing. That’s why the fucking thing keeps crashing.

    Thrifty – Serverwarming. I reckon 1,000 degrees should do it….

  11. Glad you moved to a better location. At least the site seems to be moving just a bit faster than it was. Sorry I missed the yard sale.

    Hope you checked for any weak spots in the roof and whether the central air had been serviced recently. Can’t let those things go ya’ know, they tend to run hot and start to squeak. Annoying as hell, that.

    Well now, we’ll see if this comment posts in less than 92.5 seconds. 😛

    Edit: Posted right quick. Transferring from “” slowed down the reload of the site some but not that much. Nice job, Grandad.

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