Housewarming party — 5 Comments

  1. You lucky begger.

    The ‘extension’ in my neighbours house is going ahead full steam. It’s going to be a fooking castle when the place is finished. *If* if’s ever finished.

    Can I come stay in yours ’til then Grandad? I’ll bring a keg for the housewarming and maybe some sparklers 🙂

  2. No marshmallows. Spuds baked in hot ashes – that’s a business.


    Will you call your neighbours as well? After all it would be kind of polite.

  3. Annie – You’re more than welcome. Two kegs?

    Foreigner – Of course the neighbours are going to be there. It’s part of the surprise. They are the main course.

  4. Blimey, don’t waste the oil, Grandad, it’s valuable stuff these days. First siphon off the oil, THEN chuck in the Molotovs.

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