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  1. Typical!
    Ya’ just gotta’ have the latest, newest and shiniest.
    Well, I just upgraded my desktop PC from Windows Vista Home Premium to Windows XP Professional SP2 and my super-duper powerful PC has gone from being very slow and a PITA to being very very fast and user friendly. Ha!

  2. Brianf – Of course I have to have the latest, newest and shiniest – it compensates for the rest of me.

    I’ve been running Vista now for a while and the only thing that is doing strange things is Thundirbird! There again, it’s a damn fast laptop….

  3. When I was young I once bought a nice drawing pad and nice new pencils. Didn’t make any difference to the drawing – it was still crap!

  4. John B – That is great!!! The only problem is that I don’t think it will work after today? 😉

    Ian – What is wrong with these people? They give us newer fancier tools, but they don’t improve anything. My new camera still photographs people with their heads missing. [There again – that could be because they have no heads?]

  5. Hmmmm…when I installed ver 2.5 it immediately dialed up a support individual who -when she showed up within the next hour- plied me with a pint and a shot and a decent view of her geek belt as she settled in to spend all of 30 seconds tweaking my old plugins.

    Then, ‘poof’, she was out the door. Did not even retrieve the empty pint or shot glasses.

    I’ve since looked for a new button on the dash to call Support, but it seems to happen under the hood, so to speak.

    I’m thinking of uninstalling and installing it again to be sure.

    But, yes, overall, not much change…

  6. I leave these things to my geek. I’d be afraid to install an upgrade of WordPress in case it went down on me.

  7. I know exactly what you mean. I’ve just upgraded to Office 2007 (yeh bit behind the times I know) at work and the toolbars have changed. Not more efficient just different so it takes forever to find what used to be in a simple drop down menu! Change for change’s sake. If it aint broke, dont fix it!

  8. Doc – Damn! Now I have to reinstall it to see if she calls here.

    Bock – I don’t mind it going down on me as long as I’m getting the final release.

    Baino – 2007? Wow! I’m still on V2.2 [DOS version]. I think they all do that – move the buttons around and give it a new colour and then say it’s a new release. Same old shit under the bonnet though. 😉

  9. Thanks Grandad I new you’d check node 33 first , you’re like my guinea pig, now i can do it without worries 🙂

  10. I like the bit on the TinyMCE composer where it says Show/Hide Kitchen Sink. It was worth upgrading just for that.

  11. Sneezy – For one moment, I hoped it was going to wash the dishes for me. No such luck. Someone has a sense of humour though 😉

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