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  1. Its a wonder you have any time to sit, smoke a pipe and contemplate the world around you!

    Do you ever rest?

  2. Apparently a recipe for a long life. It’s those that retire and do feck all that end up shuffling at an early age. My Grandfather walked and painted and lasted well, and got me hooked on walking to boot (can’t paint to save my life, not even walls, I do a shit job like Bock).

  3. Apparently a recipe for a long life

    So I believe! I would hate to retire and just stare out the window. I would go insane.

    So you painted Bock? You did a shit job all right. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Tell me about it. This time last year I was freaking out about what was going to happen in 9 months time! Well 8 months really.

  5. At this rate, in nine years you’ll be the President of Earth. We’ll all have to call you sir and you’ll fly about in a huge Boeing 787 Astroliner, giving speeches all over the world, and Herself will be the first lady of Earth and Sandy the First-Pup.

    When all this happens, please don’t piss on the USA just because of dubya and arrogant tourists.. most of us don’t much like him either, and most of us haven’t been to Ireland, and if we do go, we won’t be arrogant.

  6. As a teaching principal I am dying to get out and do something else.

    I’ve been teaching 20 years …. I’m now 40 and 11 years of that has been as a principal. Bloody paperwork has driven me to distraction. Doing paperwork in a system that hasn’t kept up with the times is even more frustrating.

    When I started as principal I had a safety statement and a code of discipline to do. Now the whole thing has exploded …. we need a policy to piss! We have a Board of Management with 8 members, chaired by a priest and all are totally away with the birds when it comes to understanding the day-to-day running of a school.

    Bertie is taking handouts left, right and centre and we have to look up at the sky before we can go out to do P.E.

    Education is as badly run as health and our ‘representatives’ carry on as blinkered as ever.

    Know of a job for a single white male, 40, 2 dogs, no cats? All offers considered! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Paddy, isn’t politician the standard route for a teacher in your position? I agree, the education system really does seem to have been allowed to go to seed, it’s just the impact is far less immediate than that of the health service. Several years time could see us in a poor state.

  8. Christ no …. never a politician …. I couldn’t be corrupt enough and my morals would come against me at interview stage!

    Finian McGrath, a former principal, now independent TD (currently sleeping with the enemy) voted against a Dรกil debate on Wednesday night where is was proposed to double the capitation grant (the amount of money per pupil given to schools to run themselves into the ground)

    …. Hanafin made a pre-election promise to double it …. poppy cock talk at the time but it’s a real kick in the teeth when a former principal votes against the proposal to properly fund primary schools.

    The least they could do is bring the grant in line with the amount they pay per pupil in secondary schools.

    They are worth more when they leave us!

    Hex on all politicians ….especially the independents and the greens who’ll lie down with anyone! (Wonder if they’re making the same as that lady of the night who ‘entertained’ Spitzer!?)

  9. True enough. One of the prerequisites for the political life seems to be that you have the morals of an ally cat. I do know of a few honest ones, but that shower that are in power now – Ahern, Hannafin, Harney et al…. Jayzus!!!

    Paddy – Your blog is bare, and you have a lot to say. Get writing!!!

  10. Paddy – I want to see at least a thousand words up by tomorrow, or it’s detention. Understand?

  11. Paddy – Hannafin, of course.

    Herself just read all this and suggests you have a massive nervous breakdown and get early retirement on full pay. I suggest you bring a couple of barrowloads of soil and dump them in a classroom, and then hold a lesson on gardening. I know a teacher who did that [seriously!] and she is now out of work on full pay for the last few years.

  12. Yeah, life takes some strange twists and turns, doesn’t it Grandad? Glad you are enjoying the ride! (I am too!)

  13. Jesus, that list sounds like what you get when you play a country ‘n’ western record backwards.

  14. I wouldn’t know, Bock. I have never played a country ‘n’ western record backwards. I have played a few heavy metal records backwards which may explain they way I am?

  15. Well, obviously you’ll get more and more famous, the media demands will be insatiable and eventually you’ll be more famous than Victoria Beckham and every time you open the paper there’ll be an ultra-thin, scantily-clad Grandad looking out, modelling the latest fashions. Nobody will be quite sure what you’re famous for but the entire population of the world will recognise you instantly.

  16. ‘Feck โ€ฆโ€ฆ all depends on who Iโ€™ll be detented with!’

    Paddy, how about me? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  17. Nick – Does that mean I have to become a size zero and have all my secrets splashed over the gossip rags? Bugger!

    Grannymar – Get back in your cage. You haven’t taken your tablets again. Have you?

  18. Brianf – Victoria Beckam is a nobody. She is a nothing. She is less significant than a pimple on a wrinkle of a flea’s left testicle. Yes. You’re right. Who’s Victoria Beckham?

  19. You’re an inspiration to us all Grandad!…I think your way of doing things is the only way.
    We get one chance at this thing and its up to us whether we sit in an office and look at the world pass by outside our window or go out and do things that make us happy.
    I think with your positive attitude to life and your own happiness (and that of herself) you were bound to succeed.
    Here’s to the next nine!

  20. Oh shoot! I’m embarrassed now. Me, an inspiration?

    It wasn’t an easy decision to leave work. I had been in the same permanent and pensionable job for thirty years and was essentially institutionalised there. The idea of heading into the brash world with only a thin safety net was daunting. In the end, it boiled down to quality of life over bank balance. For once, the bank lost.

    It’s not a step I would advise for everyone. But having said that, a few of my contemporaries left at the same time and we are all very happy that we left. I think the others have quieter lives though!

  21. Sounds like you paddle up shit river, lost your paddle, and came out smelling like a rose.:)

  22. …… Hanafin …. I can’t stand her! She’s too much in bed with the bishops! And all those pilgrimages she goes on …. she’d have my beads worn out in no time! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Early retirement …. am paying AVCs (Additional Voluntary Cotributions) through the nose in the hope that I’ll be able to leave teaching at the ripe young age of 57 …. maybe 53 if I pay more through all my other ‘holed’ areas!

    Tell herself …. that her idea … all and good that it is …. wouldn’t work for me …. I’m not ‘green fingered’ … I’ve managed to kill cacti in my time.
    (Anyone want to buy an 8×4 unused glass house? …. still in package …..)

    Grannymar ….. I’d love to be detented with you any day …. ๐Ÿ™‚

    What’s do they say about …. the older the fiddle?? You could sweeten my tune any day!

  23. Grandad,

    I know exactly what the future holds – and unlike teachers who get out when they are still young enough to do something, the dear old C of I is going to have to raise the age for full pension to 67 because of shortfalls in our fund. October 2027 before the future is different!

  24. You most certainly ARE an inspiration to us Grandad! Good on ya hon for not sitting on yer arse, staring out of the window & wondering if it’s time for your next pill!

  25. Paddy and Grannymar – consider yourselves matched. Have a good time.

    Popeye – It was the dog next door who was up shit creek without a paddle.

    Ian – There’s still room for sidelines. You could find yourself writing a bestseller yet?

    Jayne – I never intended to be an inspiration. Somehow, I just seemed to be in the right place at the right time. Luck. But it has been great fun so far…

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