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  1. Ok ok, hold the phone.

    First you neglected to not just WEAR the crochet cap I lovingly made for you with my own sweat and tears, but you didn’t even bring it with you at all!!!

    NOW you’re robbing my pictures.


    I have a letter bomb with ‘Mean old Fart’ written on the envelope. Who should I post this to? Hmmm…

  2. I didn’t feck off early. That’s a vicious rumour started by JC Skinner for some evil reason.

    Sorry about the pint, but I fell into bad company and somehow got a dose of the flu that caused my speech to slur and my legs to wobble. Strangely, it happened to all the people I’d been out drinking with till three the previous morning. Even more strangely, there seemed to be another 400 people in the Alexander with similar symptoms.

    I’ll have to wait till next year to buy you that pint, but congratulations anyway, and well done.

  3. K8 – For over twenty years I clothed and almost fed you, and you bitch about a measly photograph? Are you not ashamed? Letter bomb on its way…

    Bock – The same tired excuses. Next year, it’s two pints. Inflation, and all that.

  4. I didn’t say hello because people were mistaking me in my silver-streaked beard for yourself, and I didn’t want to disturb that – at least not when I was drinking with Bock into the early hours. You got off lightly.

  5. I would also like to thank whoever it was who had the idea of nametags with very small print. It gave me the opportunity to legitimately approach women and stare down their cleavage without embarrassment. Though I was caught once or twice staring down at a fine pair, only to realise that they weren’t wearing a nametag. Woops.

    haha, that made me laugh.

  6. Well done Grandad, i for (not the only) one 😉 am not in the least bit surprised by your win! Keep up the good words.

  7. Well I didn’t get to meet you as I was not in attendance, perhaps next year for your follow up win? Keep up the good work, hope the health gets sorted.

  8. i was one of those eejits who didn’t have the balls to come up and introduce myself to you. perhaps i should have worn a nametag…

  9. Eolaí – I was wondering who the other bearded freak was! I’ll shave if there’s a next time?

    Twenty – Great meeting up at last. We’ll have to do it more often 😉

    Natalie – Well, I still am.

    Granny – Feck off.

    Thrifty – It does help to be there all right. Next year? If I’m still around?

    Rosie – I am disgusted with you. I was the one lacking balls [after a dispute with Herself a while ago. It got violent].

  10. Hi Grandad. I’m only discovering now that you and Grannymar are superstars! Yay! Well done. As I just wrote to Grannymar – Herself will be jealous when you two go on a victory tour of Ireland and are too amorous (not to mention too mean) to pay for twin hotel rooms!!

    I was at the awards in 2007 but couldn’t make it this year…so sorry I didn’t get to meet you and kiss your royal ring!

    I’m not doing too much Blogging lately – except spillovers from Flickr.

    Well done again!!!

  11. Geez, are those other people midgets or are you like 8 feet tall?

    I know what you mean about the comments.. the first time you commented on MY blog, I had to go change by shorts.

  12. John O D – Herself was there on the night and I had to stop her beating the crap out of Grannymar. Jealousy is a terrible thing! You were supposed to buy me a coffee in my favourite coffee shop sometime, and you can kiss my ring then.

    RhodesTer – A bit of both. Also, they are stooping a little. What did I say that caused you such indiscretion?

  13. Congratulations! I have to say, I don’t have any trouble seeing how you won myself. Well done.

  14. I think it’s great that you don’t have to travel 12,000 miles to meet fellow bloggers! Congrats and hope the recovery doesn’t take too long.

  15. Cheers! Grandad

    T’was good to meet you and all the gang and especially your ‘other’ other half!

    Do tell us what was written on your back?

  16. Steph – I quote…

    This is the Curious Tale of Bernard C. Periwinkle, a windsock maker from Somerset who likes to count snail trails at midnight and once planted fireworks in his garden to see if they would grow…

  17. Hey, Grandad, ya must been a beautiful baby. I like your taste in loud T-shirts, but where’s the matching Bermuda shorts, or better still, a pair of long, slim tight-fitting lycra bicycle shorts? You’ll have all the grannies up on their bikes after ya.

  18. Long, slim tight-fitting lycra bicycle shorts? The women of Ireland would be dying from the lust!!

  19. Congratulations on the win.

    I think you look very fetching in that t-shirt.
    I have to agree with you, there were some marvellous cleavages on display that evening. And I went with the expectation that the room would be filled with pale, shy males.

  20. Hi Sharon, and congratulations to you too!

    The room was filled with a pale shy male [me] but you couldn’t see it under the beard. The T-shirt has been appropriated by Herself, and with her cleavage etc., it’s now too big for me. 🙁

  21. It’s getting worse. I just noticed that one of the Google Ads on this pagewas for ‘Elderly Care’, and another was for ‘Volunteer For The Elderly’. *sigh*

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