5,200 White Mice — 6 Comments

  1. It’s even more advanced than that. The mice are being trained to operate computers for the bigwigs who’ve moved beyond menial work like tapping keys and squinting at screens. They’ll just tell the mice what to do and they run around the keyboard getting it done. The project’s top secret of course to avoid Microsoft pinching the idea.

  2. Possible right-click options?

    > Eat Cheese
    > Drink Water
    > Electrocute
    > Infect With Anthrax
    > Cut
    > Clone
    > Paste
    > Send to > Maze
    >>>>>>>>>>> Exercise Wheel
    >>>>>>>>>> > Chechnya (Infected Mice Only)

  3. Surely by “white” they mean pre-revolution Russian aristocratic mice?

  4. Nick – I am currently trying to train my mouse to type, but the bugger just sits there shining a red light out its arse. How to I get it to move?

    H – That’s more like it. I’m going to do some re-programming on my PC today to see if I can get any of those to work.

    OFTR – What did I do where? You watching me?

    Thrifty – They have to be new-born, which poses problems. Unless they are going to infuse them with the souls of of the tzars?

    Flirty – I listen to him every day. Nine to five on Lyric FM. Unmissable.

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