How do vegetarians like their steak cooked? — 20 Comments

  1. Thanks Grandad! I couldn’t hear anyone either, I just smiled while people talked. Was great to meet you and, for the record, you was robbed!

  2. Hi Feebee. I was not robbed. I was delighted you won. So you didn’t hear a word of what I said to you, huh?

    And, for the record, is anything I said above not true? Though you didn’t meet James Nesbitt!

  3. Plenty of time to get the suit pressed for the next Award ceremony, or will you wear the blue hat?

  4. It’s all true. Except the bit about the steak. I think you might find that our lady friend played a small part in the mix-up, was quite funny. But obviously not that she was hungry.

  5. Ah! I misheard the details then. Actually, I didn’t hear the details at all. I didn’t hear anything except noise…..

  6. Pity I missed James Nesbitt rubbing your boobs. I must take up smoking again. I’m deaf in one ear usually haven’t a clue what people are saying to me in noisy places. I turn into a nodding loon and just “Oh right” a lot.

    Lovely to meet you last night.

    John (not the brain drain) Braine 🙂

  7. Hi John B – It seems no one could hear anybody last night. So none of us have a clue as to what went on. It was worth it for the fish though.

    Great meeting you too. 🙂

  8. Oh so THAT’s what that was.

    I thought it was a bash for Dave Fanning’s birthday last night. Seemed like he was really eager to get some drinking done from the speed of his speech… Deborah’s right, he should be presenting the Oscars.

  9. It was actually quite funny. Fanning was announcing them so quickly that as soon as the winner got their award, they were pushed off the stage by the next one. He could do the Oscars in twenty minutes flat!

  10. I got somewhere between second and fifth place. They didn’t say what though.

    The only grope I got was where I was the victim. I’m losing my touch!

  11. Good to meet you last night. I told the organisers that they should hand out fishing rods, but they looked at me strange. A fresh catch might have gone some way to solving the chicken or beef conundrum and been something to cart away for those of us who left empty-handed…

  12. Commiserations Grandad . . .can’t imagine why anyone would rub your boobs unless it’s like rubbing the stomach of the Buddha for good luck! How bizarre!

  13. Hi Kieran and welcome!! It was great meeting the two of you too [that’ll confuse some readers!!]. Actually, fishing rods would have been great. You can imagine us all sitting around the corridor trying to catch goldfish!! Mind you, they were lively buggers…….

    Baino – It could have been a Buddha thing, but his excuse was that he was testing me for manliness. We were outside, and I was wearing a shirt only [apart from the usual trousers and stuff – don’t get excited]. He said if I was a man I could take the cold, and that if I wasn’t, my nipples would be hard[?!]. Apparently I passed with flying colours? Some people are very strange…………………

  14. son –

    ah…we are SO proud of you, your adopted mum and myself.

    we couldn’t, of course, make it over for the ceremony(being anchored off Borneo; that’s for another time), but we listened to the simulcast on XM Radio…well, when it wasn’t in direct competetion with Benny Hill on BBS America, you understand; but I believe we caught the gist of it. sorry you lost out, but the results were, we both agreed, fair.

    strangely, nothing you described in your post was reported. no matter. i am estacic that you ‘got lucky’ in such a public forum – though i do hope K8 didn’t have to witness it firsthand. however, i am against you coninuing the hormnone therapy: at your age once you start, you have to keep going or the ‘sag’ factor droops in and, well, then it’s the man-bra for sure. just go with what odin gave you. that and the blue watch cap should see you nicely.

    best regards,
    your ol’ lost adopted dad

  15. Hi Doc. I’m glad you got to hear the broadcast. It’s on television somewhere too, but I don’t know where.

    Actually, K8 did witness my getting lucky [as you so nicely put it] and was highly amused. As for the ‘sag factor’, I intend to continue wearing the old string vest with the holes in. It’s a little grey after all these years, but I’m used to it. K8 is knitting me a new blue cap.

  16. Ok I am going to have to clarify. I ordered the chicken because it sounded good, but it came out covered in courgette. Which I loathe. *SHUDDER* No logic to it, just can’t bear the thought of the stuff! So I asked if there was a vegetarian option as the beef looked like it had been down to the crematorium and back. When the risotto came, it too was covered in courgette, so I had to go for the beef. Heh. Now having said all that if I had forked out the €220 + VAT for that I would have been very very pissed off. Good thing the company made up for the crap food! 😉

    It was great (or should I say GR8) meeting you and K8! Hope to see you both again at the blog awards!

  17. Deborah – Never let the truth spoil a good story! What surprises me is that even with my meagre culinary skills, I could have whipped up something in ten minutes or less. Surely they had the ingredients? Or could they just not be bothered?

    As you say.. for €220 plus VAT? Of the three yokes I was invited to since November, that was the cheapest. How can they justify those prices?

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