Facebook is a pain in the face — 33 Comments

  1. Grannymar – At least the people here are sane.


    Robert – One of the reasons I got sick of it. Do I want to be bitten by a zombie?

  2. Brianf – In fact I stopped around the same time as yourself! I remember that post. I haven’t removed myself altogether, as I like to annoy and confuse people.

    I was going to do a ‘faecebook’ pun, so you can thank me that I didn’t. You would have been knocked to #5!!


  3. I got tired of facebook pretty quickly too. All those bloody requests. Like yourself I only log in every now and then to see if anything has changed.

  4. Surely Grandad it is just your natural popularity, charm, and unique skills that cause this rush of love for you…. front of the queue for me?

  5. Grandad,

    How does one actually leave Facebook? I disabled my account after a week because it all seemed daft, then was browbeaten by a colleague into reactivating it before calling it a day completely after a fortnight of rubbish. I think the last straw was a student in Colombia requesting to join my friends’ list because he was also a Catholic who liked U2. Falling into neither category, I decided it was pointless, but can find no way to delete the account. I am tempted to reactivate it and put myself as a U2 fan called Benedict living in Italy to see how many Colombians I net.

  6. I have no idea, Ian. It is possible to remove yourself, because a few people have done it. Your details remain though [or so I believe], and this is one of the main rages against Facebook. Once you’re in, you’re in for life. If you can find out where their servers are, I could launch an ICBM if you like?

  7. “So if anyone wants to have my babies, you’ll have to call around to my house, in person. We’ll do things the old fashioned way.”

    Grandad! Is that a proposition?? *blushes*

    PS: No idea what you’re talking about. Can’t load Facebook out here in dial-up land!

  8. E Mum – Is there any chance you could wait until tomorrow? There is a queue of a couple of hundred here at the moment, and I’m getting a little tired.

  9. I advise you stick with it. Consider it another source of material for future posts. You can call it the “Facebook Follies” or Facebook Fracas” or something equally ridiculous. “Weekly Worthless Facebook Application” comes to mind.

    Besides…I’m sure they’d miss you.

  10. You have to delete all information, links and applications individually if you want to leave altogether then a little “?” appears where you would have been so you never really delete everything. Now don’t be such a bah humbug or I’ll have to throw a haggis at you!

  11. “Is there any chance you could wait until tomorrow? There is a queue of a couple of hundred here at the moment, and I’m getting a little tired.”

    This image is too much for me 🙄

    I’ve haven’t laughed so much in ages!

    Thanks! Grandad

  12. From what I can gather the simplest way to leave facebook is to get banned .. You then kill two birds with one stone:

    – you get rid of your facebook account
    – you get to whine about them banning you and get loads of other bloggers supporting you

    It’s a win win situation 🙂

    Michele (who would never suggest such behaviour)

  13. agree entirely it’s complete pain in the arse, I stopped all the e-mails, they where wrecking my head and some required explanations if my wife happened upon them ……….Sexy sue wants to poke you???????????

  14. I can see future blog posts on this subject. In fact, that’s why I invited you all to have my babies.

    The response is poor though. Down to a mere trickle today….. 🙁

  15. I’m not surprised you couldn’t sleep last night, Grandad

    The mere trickle and poor response mean you’re dehydrated after that hard day’s work 😉

  16. It’s OK Steph. I’m full of very strong coffee and diesel fumes from my trip the the village today. I’m re-hydrated and full of vigour.


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