Tina Turner is bad for your health — 16 Comments

  1. The word ‘Karma’ comes to mind. On the whole it seems balanced, one builder for a leaky tank seems fair.

  2. I suppose you’re right, Jack. If I hadn’t shot him, they wouldn’t have told me about the overflow, and I wouldn’t have known about it. The Gods were on my side, all right.

  3. Oh quit your complaining. Geez, I had to go walking around all day today and let me tell you it never got over 23C. On top of that I had to close my window this morning because it was a bit chilly. And you think you have it bad. 🙂

  4. Me? Complain? Never! They are banging away again today, but no radio 🙂

    I’m glad you’re so proud of that flag that you keep using it.

  5. Brian, leave the ould geezer alone, if he didn’t complain he would have nuffin to say! 😉

    I suppose you remember he lost his sense of humour.

  6. TT- You’re right! Now that I think about it, it was Cher. I knew it was someone who used to be famous as a half.

  7. Is Ireland the third world? Why on earth would you store water on your roof. It’s not for the sunshine.

    (Yes, I am aware that you hate Americans and I do what I can to keep the ire alive)

  8. Grandad,

    I was suddenly struck by a bizarre image of you standing beside the water tank lip synching “Simply the best”

  9. Sue – Ireland is certainly behind the States. We are still at the ‘civilised’ stage where you have all advanced to ‘decadence’. Actually, there is a simple reason why the water tank is on the roof – there is nowhere else to put it. It’s an old [200 years?] cottage with a tiny attic. When the extension was built at the back, and water put in, the tank went on the extension roof.

    If it’s any consolation, the outside jax [sorry, toilet] is still there, but I use it as a woodshed now.

    We even have electricity.

    Ian – I won’t tell you what I was lip synching. I have respect for the collar.

  10. There is a hole in the end of the plunger that should have a washer in it. I didn’t have one, so I cut three little circles out of a rubber sheet and pushed them in. It works a treat. And before anyone makes a comment – the rubber sheet was roofing material, not an incontinence sheet!!

  11. “We don’t need another heeeeeroooooow . . .”

    (Ian stole my ‘Simply the Best’ thunder . . .bastard!)

    or maybe:

    “I cant stand the rain ..” or perhaps “Ri-ver deep mountain high! . . .” or my personal favourite . . “Typical Male”

  12. Nonny – I had no choice. It’s miles to the nearest hardware. And of course I used their rubber. They spent the whole day today putting up wooden laths to take the tiles. I’ve only just come in from there. I now have enough timber to last the rest of the winter. 😉

    Baino – You off on one of your men bashing trips again?

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