Requiem for a dead site — 7 Comments

  1. Grr.. Spam. Hate it but some people must clicking on the damn things to say that it just keeps on coming.

  2. I actually saw an advertisement on the television last night for Spam! The poor b*st*rds are trying to revive it as a food. They must curse Monty Python 😉

  3. Spam glorious Spam!

    In keeping with a Monty Python theme, head on over to Donncha’s site and have a look at the video he has on todays entry. West African scammers acting out the dead parrot sketch. Brilliant!

  4. Poor old, that’s very sad, they were doing commendable work and it could have become a good service. I had noticed, er, just one or two spammers in there alright. At least I think that’s what you call people promising to make your penis bigger.

    Or are they called strippers. I’m all confused now.

  5. It was great in the earlier days, before the spammers found it. You’ll find a lot of my earlier posts had ‘Kick’ buttons. 😉

    I used to get a lot of referral traffic from it too. 🙁

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