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  1. Grandad,

    You admitted on one occasion that when being subject to surveys you gave the first answer that came into your head!

    What would be even more interesting would be Herself giving the answers that she thinks Grandad should have given ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. No Ian. I only give false answers to unsolicited surveys.

    Good point about Herself doing it though. Then we’d see how she perceives me! On second thoughts though………

  3. A fascinating test! However, I didn’t quite feel like investing $39.95 in the complete report this morning. For free, I learned that I am an introvert “somewhat less outgoing than the average female is.” Having some time on my own is important.(Extroversion score: 30; female average, 67). I also learned that my “balanced way of dealing with emotions is a guiding part of [my] personality.” (Emotionality score: 41; female average, 76). No surprises there! I don’t think I’ll buy the rest of the report, but taking the test was fun.


  4. Apparently I have you both beat at 1.5% of the population : INTJ – The “Strategist” ๐Ÿ™‚ I was about to go on to say that I expect this is heavily influenced by my current position, having shifted from pure engineering to a management role, so a lot of my thinking has had to shift in a strategic direction anyway, possibly influencing my answers. However a great deal of the description/career stuff rang true. Only issue; apparently my peers include Arnold Schwarzenegger ๐Ÿ™ I’ll be back.

  5. Marlys – It is fun and fascinating, but there was no way I was going to fork out money for that either. The free registration was enough for me. I’m hardly going to base my entire future on the result anyway [a bit late for that!].

    Thrift – You are obviously cheating! Shifting your thinking? Come on! Answer the questions from the heart and you may get away from Arnie…..

  6. The Keirsey test won’t work when someone does it for you Grandad.

    And you really need to answer about 5 times more questions than on this site to get a proper evaluation.

    That said, the site threw back at me what I believe to be correct, even though I doubted it at first – Every other time I took it over the years I came out an ENTJ. This time I am an INTJ. I used be an borderline E and the training and work I’ve been doing the last 2 and a half years has probably had the effect of tipping the scale. Sort of like in The Criminal’s case.

    You should try the Margerison-McCann test. It’s more a work style/attitude one but a lot more fun.

  7. Sneezy – As I said, the proper test I did had at least 200 questions; probably a lot more. This one is purely for fun anyway, though it is surprisingly accurate.

    So you are another Schwarzenegger? I’d better watch it…

  8. Spoken like a true engineer ๐Ÿ™‚ Sorry no cheating, my evaluation was in retrospect, I had no conscious agenda going into it.

  9. Like Baino I am a three per cent-er but I am the “Chief”, top dog my mofo’s. Can’t work out how to post the little results thingy though!

  10. Welcome Paul! Nice one ๐Ÿ™‚ [I deleted your second comment, as the first was fine, by the way]. I would dealry love to see the results of Dubya’s test all right. Would it be the same as God’s?

    Nonny – Would this be it?

  11. Sad to say that both the models in featured in your graphic have been found to be based on faulty theory, and neither of them stands up to rigorous testing.

    I would go into more depth, but I think the 3000 word paper I just wrote on the subject would overflow your comments box and put your readers to sleep.

    However, just in case there are any other anoraks out there, check out this paper by my hero Frank Coffield (et al)

  12. Karyn – That’s quite OK. I don’t stand up to rigorous testing either. As I say, it’s just for fun. I’d read your paper, but I have an 80,000 word one to write myself, so I’d better finish that first. Then I’ll read yours.

  13. No that is not me that is mad I have a clone heh I am Nonarific on my thingy cause Nonny was taken. Clearly that nonny is better than me being a one per cent-er but I am happy with the Chief! If just activate that Share thing is everybody able to see it?

  14. Nonny – All you have to do is give the address they provide. For example, mine is

  15. yeah but you know what I did don’t you? Being a gobshite and all I put my real name in the address bar, Major and Maggot would hunt me down and kill me. I know, I know I’ll photo shop the little fecker I think it is fabulous that I am the “chief” I’m gonna put it in my profile.

    Incidentally, I planted my apple trees a couple of weeks ago, you told me to plant them in December and they are blooming. The little blighters being of enormous sentimental value so I am thrilled. Many thank youโ€™s!

  16. Aha! The joys of anonymity ๐Ÿ™‚

    Great news about the apple trees. Make sure they are well staked [but don’t drive the stakes straight down through the roots – put them in at an angle], and put plenty of mulch around the base to protect the roots from frost.

  17. Glad you had fun with it! And for those who take it seriously . . chill! It’s about as accurate as reading your horoscope in the daily paper (apart from the nice bits of course!)

  18. Excuse me Miss Baino it is real, trust me I am the Chief I know.

    Thank you again Grandad, I bought these triangle stake thingyโ€™s that are actually quite mental looking Iโ€™ll venture up to over to B&Q and buy something more sturdy, cheers for the angle bit, didn’t know that :0 , you have a wealth of knowledge Sir!!

  19. I have just taken this test, I am an Extreme Introvert with a high score on Feeling and Judging.
    I’ll show this to my wife in the morning, especially the introvert bit as this sounds better than “Unsociable ignorant f**ker” which is what she normally calls me when we have been out in company.

  20. Yay Olga!! As a matter of interest – what would you class your occupation as? Engineer? They don’t suggest people in supporting roles.

    Lafsword – Your wife shows no respect. I think you should get a new one.

  21. No more supporting roles for me Grandad! Now I’m freewheeling “Globe-Trotter”…but if I ever stayed in one place long enough to settle down, I suppose I could be a “Structural Engineer?”

  22. I always knew you had Einstein qualities. Am I really sick or is there white dots on the side of your site?

  23. Hi Flirty. Those ‘dots’ are supposed to be snow. They worked perfectly last year but for some reason I’m only getting the odd snowflake now. Global Warming?
    I must switch it of!

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