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  1. Just cleared all mine out as well although I only had 27.

    It amazes me to what end do they attempt to post such rubbish. Evidently it must work sometimes or else they just wouldn’t bother.

  2. Robert – For some reason they love my site. So far I have apparently had over 22,000 spams, and that doesn’t include the ones that Bad Behaviour blocked before they even got as far as Askimet. BB blocked 1,150 in the last week alone.

  3. Grandad,

    I share Robert’s bafflement at the point of such Spam. I can’t believe anyone would be so stupid as to respond – perhaps a little scambaiting might be in order sometime!

    I think you commented before about the odd phrases they include in links to valium and viagra. Akismet today has captured such terms as: leapfrog hadron…, whinnying younglings…, litters undiscerned… and backward conventicles…!!

  4. Steph – I think everyone is in rehab after the season that’s in it. If they are at a jazz session, I hope it’s indoors.

    Donna – Welcome!! Thanks for skipping by, and thanks for the bit of flattery [you have cheered me on a dull day!]. Next time, I’ll put on the kettle?

    Ian – My spam has descended into the pits of the swamp. Quite frankly, I would be reluctant to reprint most of their content. It takes a lot to make me blush, but……..

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