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  1. Hey Sandy!

    No bones here, but nearly as good. And we woke to a *very* thin film of snow across the driveway, so a sort of off-white Christmas here.

    Now that you have Grandad’s password though, you could have a fun day. 🙂

    Happy Christmas!

  2. Hlleo Adenrw

    We had a lot of fosrt wihch is very cold on my paws.

    Gadarnd syas he is as sick as a dog wcihh I tinhk is vrey inilusntg bsueace Im not sick.

    Have a Hpapy Crtashmis


  3. Sandy,

    It is not the drink. Grandad has obviously eaten too many sprouts.

    Is being as sick as a dog as bad as being as sick as a parrot?

  4. I have neevr seen a sick proart, but I konw waht a scik dog flees lkie. He had mroe wihshey tahn sotrpus bsuceae TAT mdae him.

  5. Happy Christmas! Sandy

    Your pal Bruno looks very clean after his/her spruce-up for Christmas – I hope he/she still smells okay?

    Grandad wants to get up early tomorrow so make sure you and Bruno make a real rumpus to wake him up – about 5am should be perfect 😉

  6. Ian – He said he had to be socbiale, busecae TAT was his gseut.

    Speth – Hppay Crthaisms! Bruno is vrey claen tanhk you but he slemls all wrong. He dsonet slmel like Bruno any more. He slmels of wshanig minache. I dont konw why?

    I love my mtaser very much and I will bite annyoe who tries to wkae him elray. I wlil only wake him if there is an egeermncy like the husoe is on fire, or I need a poo.

  7. Sandy, all you have to do is put grandad on the lead and take him for a good romp round the park, throwing him plenty of sticks. After all that exercise he’ll have shaken off the effects of Satan’s liquid and he’ll be as right as rain.

  8. Nick – I’m back in charge again. I have changed my password, and Sandy has been forbidden all Interweb access for the next week. And I resent your putting nasty ideas in Sandy’s head……

  9. Excellent post Sandy! A recent study of words was done and the results showed that it didn’t matter in what order the letters were, just as long as the first and the last ones didn’t change, people were still able to read the words at a glance and it didn’t slow down their reading pace. Good dog!

  10. Tnahk you Jcak. Alctauly it was my great graet graet gaferdhatnr who decsvroied tihs in Ntnotahgim Uvitnerisy, not Cgaibmrde as most plepoe tnhik. It was bcak in 1976.


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