Bringing the dog for a spin — 9 Comments

  1. Grannymar – They would have to be drawings. Sandy is extremely embarrassed about the relationship, and tries to hide it.

    K8 – They’ll pee stuffing all over the place.

  2. Poor old Bruno! How can you be so sure he’s a ‘boy’ – perhaps that’s why Sandy is a bit camera shy?

    Bruno’s ‘spin’ reminds me of an occasion many years ago when our (then 8 year old) daughter had some complex surgery. She bravely went off to theatre clutching her lifetime companion called ‘LoveBear’. Our daughter came back safely from the surgery but sadly LoveBear didn’t make it through the op 🙁 He’d simply disappeared! A frantic search ensued and the whole hospital was put on red alert while LoveBear’s last steps were re-traced. Eventually he was found in the hospital laundry having been through a ‘sterile’ wash and dry. Poor old LoveBear – he never quite recovered his old self but he went on to survive many more trips into hospital and he still has pride of place in his owner’s bed 🙂

  3. Steph – Poor Bruno is anatomically genderless, but he looks like a boy. He has that lecherous look. I think the relationship is purely platonic anyway. Our Sandy is a bit ambivalent about her sexuality and like to hump visiting children…

    The one thing about brining Bruno/LoveBear for a spin is that they don’t smell the same after. And smell is very important. Bruno is still a bit wet behind the ears, so we haven’t had The Big Reunion yet.

  4. Grandad – LoveBear says to tell you there’ll be no more little LoveBears thanks to his sterilisation procedure 🙁 He also says that if you’d been subjected to the same treatment as him and Bruno, you’d be anatomically genderless too! 😀

  5. Steph – I’ve been married for over thirty years. I was degenderised many moons ago. 🙁

  6. Good heavens- what a story. Sandy’s gorgeous, tell her I said so.

    It’s a classic of a photo; and might solve my problem of what-to-get-the-kids-for-them-to-give-the-dog-for-Christmas. (a big thing, for these kids) If I can only find a Bruno with one week to go, that is.

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