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  1. Ooo, I’d LOVE to hear what Sandy has to say.

    Books are important. I’ve been writing books my whole life it seems; and only now in middle-age getting serious about it.

    It’s a good choice you’re making.

    But you know, if hundreds of people start gathering in your garden waving signs and chanting BLOG BLOG BLOG, hey, it wasn’t me did that. I won’t be the one in the big sunglasses and headscarf and the biggest sign of all, no, not me.

  2. Sandy is in the doghouse. The postman left the gate open this morning and she went walkabout. She knows this is not allowed so she is grounded, and that includes all Interweb access.

    I have just made a decision. I was about 18,000 words in, and I have decided to scrap it and start from scratch. Which means I am going to have even less time, but what the hell……

    I daresay I may find time to type a line or two of puerile wisdom from time to time?

  3. Understandable, but if your like me, your mind we always be on, what can I blog about next. It’s hard to stay away for long, unless you go cold turkey.

  4. Poor Grandad – it’s SO frustrating when you really want to do something, and have the enthusiasm but not the the time.

    The book already sounds like it’s gonna be a cracker. Keep on plugging away at it and suddenly it’ll all fall into place.

    As regards the rest…

    Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Mo?

    Very impressed by your toes btw πŸ˜‰

  5. Grandad scrap NOTHING!

    Shelve the 18,000 words for the moment. Start again if you must, but the words already assembled might fit in at a later date.

    Poor Sandy! The Postman is the one at fault for leaving the gate open so lock him in the shed next time he calls.

    Did it ever dawn on you that Sandy wanted to go buy your Christmas present – thats one pack of baccy less.

  6. Janet – I must confess, I do tend to mentally file things away for the blog. I have no intentions of going cold turkey, but I probably won’t be as active in the commenting scene. Not that I have been anyway. I’ll still read ’em all though!

    Steph – Funnily enough, I was finding the writing hard going. But now that I have restarted, it is flowing like silk. I’m going to damn well make the time. And I have found a new trick. I’m typing one chapter by hand and the next chapter with my toes at the same time. That way I can work twice as fast…

  7. Grannymar – One of my big problems is that I never scrap anything. I now have Book1 and Book2. I have already recycled a bit of it. Good for the environment. I have already started on 2 and am well on the way. I’m going to be typing all night at this rate!

    No point in locking up the postman – they have different ones at this time of year, so I’d end up with a shed full of them.

    I drove Sandy down to the shop earlier. She did disappear for a few moments all right πŸ˜‰

  8. “And I have found a new trick. I’m typing one chapter by hand and the next chapter with my toes at the same time. That way I can work twice as fast…”

    Grandad, sorry to interrupt the creative flow but… is there no end to your talents? You wanna be careful those toes of yours don’t develop a mind of their own! Or maybe that’s exactly what you’re hoping?

  9. Hey it is you book,and i will admit i do read a romance novel every now and then,so i can get some pickup lines to use on the ladies.

  10. Steph – No. There is no end to my talents. This will, unfortunately be only discovered posthumously. And my toes do what I tell them to do.

    Popeye – One thing it is not is a romance novel. Herself is trying to make me write one, so she is now banned to the attic. We had Chic-Lit. This is more Cock-Lit.

  11. Ah here we go again, *whinge moan no time bla bla* . . I knew men had trouble multi-tasking.

    Try, working a 45 hour week in a soulless office, blogging, perfecting your photography, cleaning the house, doing the washing, blowing the leaves, walking the dog, maintaining the pool, grocery shopping, cooking, nagging son to clean their bedroom!

    Crikey man . . you’ve got loads of time!

  12. Ah shuttup woman! You know you do your blogging in the office when you should be working. I worked for nearly forty years in soulless offices, so I know all about them. As for blowing leaves? What’s that about? Don’t you have the wind to do that for you? Or are you just looking for work?

    Incidentally, I cooked tonight’s dinner and tidied the house today. I also nagged Herself to clean her side of the bedroom. What more do you want?

  13. Delegate!

    I’m broke, well versed in teh interwebs and cheap! You can focus on your book and be assured that your SHIT will be in good hands!

    Baino has a pool so I have no sympathy for her πŸ˜‰

  14. Don’t throw away what you wrote! I’m not a good advisor, as I’m 5 years into my own book, but you willfind it may just need to be finessed into the next chapters you concoct. And yeah, books are HARD work!

  15. Hi Toniimarie, and welcome πŸ™‚

    Don’t worry. I never throw anything away. Some parts of the old will be scrapped, and some will be recycled. I’m very eco-friendly!

    Five years? Wow! I have until next March πŸ™

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